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Vampires are Animals - Ambrecel



I do sleep naked,

I do this,

Because men,

Seeing a naked woman,

Do not know what to do.

Seeing a woman in clothing,

De-humanizes her.

Makes her available.

When being naked makes me an animal.

Men do not touch,

Alone sleeping naked women.

Because they know she is a person.

That is me,

And I trust,

God to protect me when I am sleeping.

Coach wants this,

And she also wants it known.

That animals really use telepathy,

To talk to one another.

And people only have telepathy,

After the tortured man,

Comes inside.

Coach is a very busy woman,

She coaches many people.

And yes she started as a cheerleader,

So it is her natural job,

And she is an animal like me.

We know our animal.

And that is why,

In telepathy,

She can coach me.

Vampires are animals,

And in writing they are allowed their magic,

Why not people like coach and me.

And my Lover,

Have our magic?


Madonna is the key, and she is the coach. REBEL HEART, we are not burned at the steak anymore, we are not hung anylonger, and we believe in a higher power! I love Madonna, and yes call me crazy I don't care, I am little animal, my nickname in Washington state!


Love ya,


Justify My Love



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