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new york like the ex state of boston has nothing to offer, rejected of disrespect to canada (had planned in 2012 and announced in 2013 leaving.




information on moving to canada, have dual citizenship of usa and german (mom born there)










Raven Leed

11:32 AM (54 minutes ago)




to info






Good Afternoon,


I have dual citizenship and want to know if I can get citizenship and move there and use my ssn benefits, that I have worked by my social security.


Zarahrie Lee


Please let me know what docs I need as I am researching this in advance and will get a passport, to have as documentation.







Raven Leed

11:46 AM (41 minutes ago)











like I promised leaving and had it planned in 2012, that I am disrespected here in new york like the ex state and low life trashy people I do not interact with of the brainwashed low life losers of the government or working class who are nobodies, has beens.


past behavior predicts future behavior and plan to write my book that dies on 11/7/2011 and put zarahrie's chart in it of my work and no one gets credit for covering up illegal activity is not welcomed to interact with me.


Upper class of age of aquarius, limbo, gothic, hate dresses pocketbooks, make up, shoes, and reject the h and g community as I do not agree with how they live there so called lives of nothings, boring people who have nothing in common with me.....like I said, 4 years too late and no such thing as hr or ar.......do not believe in fake government holidays and universal law doesn't support it, inter rascial dating is against my belief system of blacks, hispanics, jews, india or any race that I find offensive of bad upbrings and dysfunctional lifestyles that doesn't match my lifestyle that I am not changing my inner child for same dvds, music, video games, organic blood type A, with ttno tno and do not rules til the end of 2016 and never planned on any so called strangers in getting to know or care to...not part of karma reversal of phase one, part two.....


people walked by and not one stopped to talk to me, since december 2012 as if they don't know me, assuming they were better and need to look in the mirror of their so called boring lives that nobodies wants of past years rejects of used merchandise, and do not accept that. 1's had a 15% percent chance and it goes down and not on life path at all, til 2/7/2016.....


hate new york and had nothing to offer me, been proven since I have been here and the ex state can burn to hell........................43 of a dead zone and 15 years in the ex office of sexual misconduct and harassment against the law of zero tolerance was against the law in my civil rights....


only peeps that made the cut was k brow, m martin, k chung, g miller, f matthieu, p litvay, and b gramz....nobody else in the ex state that I would interact with.....nobody replaces them and not worthy in this state to have the nerve to assume I would.


do not have a roommate, she is a nobody who has no meaning to my life, as I ignore her and do not care to interact with a rat name joanne, who lies behind my back, dont trust her as far as i can throw her.......she can go collect cans and get her own cable not my expense and not allowed to touch my food or stuff in my room...stand still hold over position, brooklyn is not a home its an insult to me...not an area I would move to at all, boring area of nothing to offer and would never hang out with any tenants at all....past 3 months never interacted with any of them and past behavior predicts future behavior....of dan macdonalds property in 2011-2012....nosy rosy ispies and not to be trusted and why would I trust strangers in a 64 unit building? Do not believe in tenants and would never go to their apts, does not make sense when I have my rented room....




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