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2010 robbery of thief's looking to steal my ssn plotting and planning for 2011 assault




june 24, 2010 robbery of dan macdonalds ex landlord and ex state










Raven Leed

11:15 AM (1 hour ago)




to mmartin0801, Mike, info, Zarahrie










Complaint Form


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Upon receiving your form, we will contact you via telephone or email by the close of business the following business day.

If you prefer to contact the Internal Affairs Division directly by phone to file a form, please call 617-343-4320 M-F from 8:30AM-5:00PM.

Thank you!




Came home to find my door left opened, and broken into my apt on june 24, 2010 that the following neighbors were home and not questioned. Caleb Devull and Mark Umanski who said that they didn't see anything. That I had a report send to
of stolen gold rope jewerly, and braclett. Ninetendo of 700.00 worth of merchandise that Mark joked about it being stolen and when said, did you steal it ran away from me quickly. That I had bought a dell computer from Deana Young for 250.00 dollars. That my ssn was seen of years working and benefits, that I had pics of the place broken into, that cops had two men come in and finger print the place. That I had seen the ex tenants wearing the stolen jewerly in 2012 as a joke to me, tony brooks, glenn inghram, 6/19/2012 starbuicks on boyston street across from back bay yoga around noon time as I ran away from a strange man. That I had asked for this report to be sent to my email to have on file. I would like a copy of it, sent to


I have moved out of state from boston and now in new york.


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