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asking dr phil and asked madge in a letter for a good lawyer to represent me 9/24/2014 on his website



Dear Dr Phil,


No one has rights to use what I place on your website against me, no hospital here in new york is allowed to discuss law suits, or anything of the past docs or pictures against me...I believe its the dr phil community, that people think they are funny and signed on, have no rights....they can read and not advice on any subject matter....


Zarahrie lee
I am proving to you dr phil, my lawsuit of defragmation of ruining my life from 2011 til now and no one is to advice on a fake build up or fake recovery program, to cover up illegal activty towards me. I want dr phil mcgraw to have someone represent me in court of law, and asked madonna louise veronica cicoone in a letter for a lawyer , would never use the government system and not stupid to aid in their decrepancies...outside lawyers will side with me the victim


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