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madonna kabbalah center of boston to new york harassment towards me of hatred...2009-2013 that I have a copy to drop off at her condo



people want to act as if I dont know them, have no rights as they came around zarahrie from ages 18-43 and was a private matter that people assume they can treat it like garbage that I wanted to talk to her privately and dont have any confidential contract....I am waiting for my apology from her for her daughter being brainwashed to insult me, for a nobody silvia guzman..that madonna had no idea this loser is associated to the past of family members hating on me....to make me look bad is a disgrace.....that I am upper class and have rights to defragmation of my life ruined for what?


Feb/Mar 2011


Feb 18 & 19, 2011

I took that friday off, to go to New York Centre for the first time and

rode up with Leesa/Silvia.

I was told that 1:00 P.M. which was the destination time to leave.

I took the train/bus to Chelsea to meet them, as I walked up the hill

Silvia drove down the hill with Leesa in a black SUV.

Silvia mentioned she had to go back to her place, which I stayed in the

car, until we left.

On the ride up, they both showed me their iphones.

Leesa showed me her iphone with At & T of Iphone for 49.99

and Silvia showed me her Mozilla 5.0 phone as they talked.

It was a long ride and I was tired/hungry and we didnt stop,

for food and had some munchies. (6 hour ride)

Lesley had me touch base with Marion to stay at her place

for the night. (she was stand offish)

Leesa/Siliva stayed at Hose house.

We didnt arrive in New York til 7ish

I was really hungry and tired at the same time.

Lesley introduced me to Marion, she said she wanted to leave

right after the meal.


I was sitting there while they talked around me, bored

and didnt include me in the conversation

Said to myself, this place is spiritual and looked around at the New Yorkers

swaying or talking.

Then someone came over dressed in black boots/green top and black pants.

As I looked up, something hit me and the face was blurred

that I was like who is that, for the face appeared like a witch

and it spooked me, said to myself i dont know the fashions.

I didnt mean to be mean, and said who is this person

and didnt like what i was feeling.

Then the food came, and I focused on the food.

Funny thing before this happened, something prompted me to look over.

Got up and started to clean as i seen the others do at tables, because my family

structure growing up we do in someone's home.

Then swayed with the New Yorkers and left the table as they sat there,

Leslie was in the kitchen cleaning dishes , came over and stared me down

I stopped and was like who is she to be staring me down, so I stared back

trying to figure out why she did this.

She gave me a stern stare back, and I walked away

Is she Marfia or trying to trying to tell me something.

Told me to stop cleaning, but I kept on cleaning

something to do.

Then Marion said she was leaving, I had to grab my things

Went to her house and slept on the couch downstairs

cleaned up my mess so it was neat, as she had her place

took shower the next morning. She seemed distance

and upset for some reason, offered me water.




Not sure if the new moon festival was Sat 19/20

but Marion asked me to go upstairs

there were people around the olive branch table, I was off to the right hand side of

the stage and said wait its busy and seen Lordes/friend next.

Looked down and the next thing I knew it was broken in three groups, stage cleared

Marion gave me the olive branch, hated the stage emptied and wanted to run

A group to the right side (I was in this group), in front (Yehuda Dan bobbing his head and adjusting

his shirt, while Boston crew behind him)

Lordes/friend all the way on the left side alone and had some look on their face of horror

As I was walking up the stairs, didnt like people staring at me

and said no way jose to Yehuda Dan, something didnt feel right

and why is the teenagers tossed on the side.

Then heard this belongs to you, said it in front of the olive branch table

and then said it again to Lordes/friend because you dont caste kids aside.

It was her branch not mine, and walked inbetween the front/right side group

and made sure no one hopped on the stage, her friends seemed nervous.

Then left.


Feb 20th

Since Marion had to get to the Center early,

asked if I wanted to help set up.

I did and enjoyed the quietness of it as I set up

the tables.

Then seen a man talking to a young girl alone,

asking her about her life and what she knew about it at such a young age and he sat down

she seemed nervous and kept a distance.

So, I sat 10 feet behind him, to see why he was alone

with a young girl and where was the other kids and her parents.

I was watching his back, to let him know it wasnt alright

and is this normal here at this center.

Then some woman came downstairs and looked in.

The girl left and so did the guy.


Went to Shabbat Shalom, and enjoyed it,

lunch time came and asked the group and said they didnt decide yet

that we had an hour.

So, I decided to leave the building to get something to eat.

Walked down Lexington, to check out the area and looked in shops

and found AT & T, decided to switch up phones to an Iphone.

Then came back and the Boston Group was downstairs, and didnt

seem friendly to chit chat with, so I sat on the floor trying to figure out

my new phone. (phone had some issues, and brought it

to a location in Copley, heard the girl say it was bugged)

asked her, they told me no.

Then went to Apple store to switch it off, location was on and acting



Ride home wasnt much fun, Silvia decided to visit family members and

had to be polite. since it was the ride home. I saw a bus once we got to my

apt and said beat it to the next stop, I can catch this and get home.

We pitched in for the parking off the SUV in the garage



March (Purim 2011) Friday-Sunday


Rebecca, Silvia, Leesa came and picked me up around the corner of my house

and we drove to New York, it was okay talking in the car and I listed to what they

were chit chatting about.

Once we got to New York, Silvia had her own place.

Rebecca, Leesa, and I shared a room at the Westinmister.

Then we went and ate the Friday dinner?

I had asked for a cot in the room and told none was available.

Rebecca said she will take the floor and I wanted to, to have my own space.

Leesa and I had to share the small bed, pulled out my Ninetendo DS while they slept.



Then we woke up and had to go to Shabbat Shalom, and after wards.

(PURIM do what you normally dont do)

We walked around and Donald came with us,

We grabbed food, and seen a homeless guy

and they counted what they gave, I just reached in and gave

what I had.

We had to get back to the room to shower for Purim

Rebecca was a farmers girl, Leesa was a tourist, and I a hippie.

We took a cab to the event, where you dance and drink the wine they had.


I normally leave my friends and dance all night long, only coming up for water.

so knew I had to deny my dancing and decided as the night closes to dance.

When we got there, Leesa and I was talking and then Silvia came over

in a mocking way, said look at me I am Ricky Lee Donna Lee brother while

bowing in front of me, dressed in gothic attire that pissed me off.

As if my brother is a joke, to mock him in front of me.

I left to go to the bar and said no! Then seen Silvia so mad as hell

as she approached Leesa and said I have to go to over, and she placed her

hand in front of my face and said go away, I need to talk to Leesa.


Looked over to see that there was some type of discussion with the elders while they

were discussing the traditions or something from across the way,

and check out the costumes, seen Charlie Chan and was like that costume is really cut

nicely and shoes expensive. Worked retail to notice the difference.

Then I decided to leave that area and went to eat, to calm down becasue I was mad and

as I was eating someone was next to me as I shielded my food. Then looked over and they

were gone.

Then did the boxes, and went to look at the photos and

decided to stand off and look around, then the Boston Crew kept asking me to dance,

said I No becasue I always dance and we are to do the opposite.

As I stayed by the island where the photos were, kept getting my toes stepped on

and it did bug me that I moved around.

Seen Makhala was dancing with the New Yorkers dressed as a showgirl, and seemed

happy to be dancing.

I was mad as hell I was constantly being approached to dance and had to

explain myself 5 or 6 times, as if I was lying.

Then Donald approached me, saying some guy walked up to Lordes

and said see any cute guys. I looked at him like he was crazy, that is Madonna's

child and she won't like that and get upset (something like that),

the next thing I knew she was up against the wall with a look of horror on her face,

her friend ran off. What the hell is wrong with that look, so I looked at her and said

is her diet okay, energy seems off for she looks healthly and does she get enough calories

for her shape is not like her mothers and she must be 16. Her skirt is too short for

this type of crowd, that someone would say that and the men are drinking. Maybe it needs to

a few inches longer. Then turned away and she was gone.

Then I went to grab a drink and said its time to dance, place will be closing soon.

The Boston group wanted me to dance in the middle of a circle with Silvia and I was hell no,

So, I danced a good amount of space away from them.



Then, as we left to get our coats on. I had a craving for a smoke since I was cutting down to

a pack a week or two tops...asked who had a smoke and Donald gave me one and went

outside. Next thing I knew everyone was smoking and we decided to go eat.


We walked to a place and I was in front as they chatted, Jacy said there is someone

across the street. Looked over and seen a clown and said "hey you, why by yourself

come join us" and we chatted and then approached subway. Didn't know who the clown

was and seem to have gotten drunk as if it was saying something, but didnt understand.

The clown left and I watched it leave hopping down the stairs.

Once we got to the food place, Jacy said to me how come you didnt go with the clown

it could of been a love connection how come you didnt grab the phone number and can

be a date and move to New York? She joked and said you dont know who that

clown was?

I said I dont go with strangers and didnt know who the clown was, why would I just

take a number of someone I don't know or move here? I am the type of person, who doesnt

date out of where I live, or someone I dont know!

Then felt a pressence behind me of a man all dressed in black eating a meal, as if

listening to the conversation.

We order our food and when the bill came they wanted to nickel and dime it, said I will

just throw a 20.00 and seemed to make this an issue.



The girls was so mad at me, decided to leave me and head out.

While Donald made sure I grabbed a cab, went back to the hotel and had a cigarette outside


Went back to the room and was alone, played with my Ninetendo DS and chilled, they came

happy and giggling later on.

I went to bed and wanted to sleep on the floor and give Rebecca the bed with Leesa.




Woke up and we had to take turns and shower ready for service, Leesa acted strange

and showed me her legs on the bed, then went to show me her notes and got to close to my

personal space where I jumped across the room to the window, and then decided to corner

me and hold up a black dress, I looked at her like she lost her mind. What the hell

would I wear someone's elses dress and who did I see this on? I don't have any

thing to wear it with and said NO.

They left to go to service and I left after them, I was so mad to be disrespected.

I walked around the corner and decided I needed to calm down before I went upstairs

to have a positive mindset.

Went upstairs and didnt want to sit with them (left side), and looked to see where Leslie sat.

she was on the right side. Leesa said you can sit next to Silvia and I said no, move one down.

They were chatting amongst themselves and not to me, looked around and saw the same

thing in front of me, everyone in the room chatting and no one talking with Madonna. It

shocked me because these people know her and how long has she been here and said to

myself, Who are your friends.

Faith/David on the stage and liked there costumes. Then Silvia decided to say, oh there is

Rocco, Madonna's son and see how Ben has to bring him to the alter. I didnt know what he

looked like, looked over and thought it was rude. At that age, kids may not want to be

standing in one spot, could have AD like I did as a child.

I heard someone say Thank you, and was shocked and asked who said that,

Leesa did you hear anyone say Thank You and Silvia said Thanks with a smirk on her face

I was like for what?

The men were doing the reading or dancing, then I felt something to my left of a woman

slipping/sliding through the crowd and said is that Delores (lady I use to rent a room in

revere, who lost custody of her own child and had to give him a comforter when she

had no heat and he froze)

She was dressed all in black and had a nice attire, then looked at her wrist and felt

myself going to blank out (did she have a gun), said where are the children, come upstairs and run to your

parents, the red head boy ran up with the kids and stopped right in front of me. I said go

to your mom and dad. The other kids ran, but why was Faith and David frozen.

Next thing I remember was Leesa holding my hand and I was pissed at her and gave her a

look to let it go now, and didnt like her touching me.

The next thing I remember seeing people lined up and felt as if someone was in front of

them, by myself in that row and it was clear aound me.

So, I tried to see what was happening and looked at the line up and said this is not right,

and looked around, then saw the one dressed in black which was Madonna saying something

and scanned her. Then ran out of the room, something didnt feel right and ran upstairs

to hide and then ran downstairs to the bathroom before the lineup split.



On the ride back, it was hostile as Silvia was swearing up a storm driving and trying

to tell me how to eat food on Kosher style, and I didnt agree because I like

organic food from the local farmers without chemicals or preservatives. Then Leesa

was saying that she needed a female teacher because of her past and was crying. While

Rebecca seemed happy because she was getting phone calls at least 4 times a week from

Yehuda Dan and it seemed strange, she was like a puppet. It felt strange and not right

because past teachers only called once a month.

Silvia then became demanding and telling me you should take a day off to meet with

your teacher, who wasnt good. I never got any phone calls from him, only once

and what am I suppose to do, jump at his request for he hates woman or something he

gave me the impression from how he was. I decided to take day off and test the water

and did for April 8th. I made the first appt at noon.



End of March

Emails notifications:

2004-2009 received emails on classes/month of moon, and daily quotes when posted

under delee@statestreet.com ( 5 years kept)


2009 changed it to Kattyguerl@aol.com ( started to get spam and virus after June 2009

robbery that a couple people complained about)

2011 March, had to change it to Leedkatrina@gmail.com

2009 spring/summer received a flyer from a guy at Park Street for classes in Brookline, didnt

know that they had a location there.

Started taking classes in 2009, which fit into my work schedule.

Silvia after class started in on me, in front of everyone that she didnt like my email and who

was I to change it, that she wanted to tell me how to have it set up. I couldn't believe my ears

as she was doing this in front of everyone.


During that timeframe, Yehuda Dan wanted us to go to New York to make him look good, that

they would set up a bus ride to/from and hotel, would get back to us on the plans. I was told

it was canceled, everyone is doing it seperately. That isnt the reason to go to New York to

make someone look good, isn't it spirtuality that we go. I said I have no problem in going

alone and booking my own hotel/bus ride, after the Purim incident.



April 8th

I had the first appt and arrived on time, I was there at 11:55 and didnt know where to go,

the classes held no one was in any of the rooms. Then at 12:03 Zlata called and then Silvia

said he missed his plane, you can meet after class tonight, after 9 or 10 pm. That when

he got into Boston, will take the other students right after me, and leave me last. He had

at least 15-20 students. He came over and laughed in my face as if I was a joke, and I was

mad and he wanted to shake my hand. When we sat down, he yelled and screamed at me

and didnt offer any advise or aid me in my spiritual teachings. Who is he to question my

spritituality when his ego was so big and full of it. The one and time I ask for help, to help

me understand why I was so upset and didnt know why? All I know, I was getting mad

and now when I look back on it, it was what I went through in Feb & Mar with the games

they played on me as if I was a joke. I left there crying and they looked on and didnt say

anything to me or called me after that.


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