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Tired of hearing that people have stalkers and to be stalked at her concert in 9/4/2012 of row 1 bleachers seat 15



Stalkers I would think she wouldn't support of any kind and never had anything close to my life...that she said on ellen video of zero tolerance she teaches her kids of accepting people as they are, not to look down on others and to think in her cult of the k center she needs to know of bad assoications...that they hated on me in 2009-2013 assuming they were better and not...is an insult of any religion and not one I would consider


low life caliber trash of nobodies of past jobs breaking eeo policy and ex tenants......restraining orders on..as non sexual.......hated men usless and a waste of time.....and woman of ugly looking fucked up useless people I never would interact with.....


restraining orders on....
wasted my time of trying and miserable
universal law/religion and no other one I would change
constitutional rights


age 16
patrice reed a child pedifier at a place that supported older people approaching minors....reported to organization never to make contact...suggested fisting me at age 16 and age 25.....


Barbara Gray seen me in a school uniform, and was in the apt clapping her hands like a pig in the apt and pissed off, saying get rid of her out of the apt....seen her at State Street Corporation and tried to sexualy assault me on a bahmamas trip with Melissa Curlanis, dressing in ugly attired of a blue so called pj's....acting as if she was dating me by cutting my meat disgusted me and trying to hold my stuff, said no, its mine to let her know not to touch my stuff.....2008 and these two watch nasty porn that I was repulsed on barbara gray credit card, that i wasted my money on a no trip of useless and wanted to go to the tibetans for a silent retreat.....then barbara gray tried to corner me in the apt and had to push her back, tried to sit close to me on the couch and when trina who was living with me, came into the apt she flew to the other side of the couch...told her never ever come near me and never called her....she was 25-30 years older than me and it disgusted me...a child pedifier who sees me at age 18 tries to hit on.


Melissa Curlanis tried to play footsie under the table of her so called breakfast place with me and it pissed me off....that I didnt trust her after that, who the hell did she think she was..to disrespect me.....


against policy of carolyn to stalk people as security guard, south station and reported to the place in ex state of boston...working as a co worker to try and take advantage of me against eeo policy to approach any co worker
stalked me in 2012 at JP Seafood with a nurse associated to 1rear of Faye who lived under Ashley Gavin in 2 rear, seen having an ice cream and it disgusted me to see the nurse (india) and carolyn that I was disgusted to see her, did not like this woman at all, she was nasty and disgusting.
Andrew Morgan or his low life losers of friends, working at MacDonaldd in
Winthrop tried to date me and told him no, he tried to become friends with ex roommmate lisa faraci and they would drink wine together, that I was disgusted when I came home to see his monkey face in the apt I rented and had to leave and moved out of state to Cape Cod, Falmouth..he tried to bribe me of diamond earings and told him no, i will give them to someone else. Reported Rick and Bonnie to MacDonalds website, breaking eeo policy.


2012 ex tenant Mark Umanskl reported to usa ambassador threatens to kidnap me to germany and not german at all, placed doc of there case opened and gave to russia and germany ambassador...this man is never allowed 50 feet near me.....stalked me here in new york and was seeing some asian woman, who told me they were moving to brooklyn and I was pissed, would never associate with either of them. Dr phil placed the case opened of the usa ambassador.......he was nasty and tried to take emily out of dan madonalds tenant and tried to touch her that she told me didn't like him in 2010....he hung out with 11 seaverns of two woman, one blonde hair and one hispanic medium built fat.....


2008 restraining order on of breaking customer respect of going into a store of 7/11 of a nasty india man, who tried to tell me he was going to force his so called religion, and told him do not need his so called books, wanted me to cook and clean said not allowed in the apt at all, he had a picture of two kids and had no citizenship...seen him at st marks in a store across from it and was pissed, never wanted to see him again....he had an issue of being the focus of attention and an anger problem that I told him stop calling me, all the time as a bytch....


2008 restraining order on josiah building of some hispanic man, who had some issues of me showing up late, was walking out of copley plaza and tried to have me walk on one side of the street and had to tell him, not my culture and bored of him....he also called and called and told him, do not call me.....that kim and kelley thought i like this creep and didn't.....eeo policy of state street corporation.....


2008 John Turner stalked me also on the mta and ran up to me saying I love you, said I dont know you get away....as stacey nester had died and bought food to bring home while mourning her loss.....that I told him via email eeo policy of stalking and included kelley o'connor and sent back an ugly picture of nothing of owls that meant nothing......he had no rights to send me an email in telling me how to talk to people on the train, who the hell did he think he was a nobody....his own group didnt like him of sharon lavery, he was yelling at them of his so called religion that he became enraged...told state street will sue them if I ever see this man....and placed on dr phil mcgraw.....100 million dollars....stalkers an breaking eeo policy within and outside the job is a lawsuit...


restraining order on Paul Michael Vanecko, who suggested having sex with me and told him no, who did he think he was and he slept with nasty men and was a slut, who had warts in his anal and had to get them burnt out and tried to suggest having his child, said no.......he is useless and is a burden to people around him....then he suggested some faggot john (english man overseas he met on a chat room who flew over to screw in mattapoisette while dating glenn inghram) he tried to tell me that I was going to move where him and john choosed to live, and to give this stranger citizens rights....paul had promiced to marry penny ellwood to give her citizenship and betrayed her who flew in from england to take care of his family, never went back to england....that he suggested I take care of her when she gets older of no ssn benefits....


2008 bozo the clown (VP) of a stalker at state street corporation is never allowed to interact with co workers under no circumstances within or outside the company is a violation....that dean ross and kelley o'connor to effie lee can get his name....patrice litvay and tikia debnam seen this man of sexual misconduct look at me inappropiate, stalked me by my desk 5 days a week with coffee in his hands of nerd herd men he knew...3-4 times a day....that I had to go to other areas to avoid him and seen him in jp in 2012 going to the galloway that I went the other way......will sue state street if I ever see this man...he is bald, white hair, medium built....has no rights to ever come 50 feet near me....sent state street an email on this


2008 rick letham also a vp, tried to suggest his friend name don, told him no and against state street policy and he too, can be sued.....vp are not allowed to have sexual misconduct within or outside the corporation.


Dan MacDonald ex landlord (2002-2012) none of his tenants are not allowed to stalk me or his maintenance men.....against a tenant who rents of no harassment or sexual misconduct.....plus the nasty maintenance man Bob or Robert knew me as a child and was my dad's age, is against the law of a pedifier who seen me as a toddler....


Sunoco in north quincy age 20/21 of a black man, who was management and hired steven who stalked me on my telephone, was abusive and felt threatened by him that a man threatened him never to come 50 feet near me, that the black manager was doing drugs with the other staff members, he had a lizard or snake and didn't interact with him at all, that he tried to suggest old men to younger woman, and was disgusted.....that my dad showed up and threatened him.


2608 albemarle Brooklyn, none of those tenants are allowed to sexual misconduct try to approach me...did not appreciate a black man dressed in black attire when i moved in to follow me, when working at wingate on orientation walking down the street....was pissed...in september 2014....


2013 oscar guzman, low life loser of 55 125th street of back to work program breaking eeo policy of no harassment or sexual misconduct said he was a jailbird, as I rolled my eyes and wasn't impressed or a tall white male over 6 feet tall, bald.....said he was a truck driver....that oscar had some nerve to break eeo policy of no harassment or sexual misconduct of a fake religion of bible thumping, saying i was a piece of gold and had to resign as management broke their own policy. I wouldn't interact with co workers, and why wasn't he fired. They did orientation of no harassment or sexual misconduct wasn't allowed.


2013 nyu trash at a job fair, breaking policy of no harassment or sexual misconduct got my resume of address and email, stalks me on the mta, job interview at wall street, and trader joes....will sue nyu and job fair of vioating my rights. since I have a lawsuit against bu/nyu and won court 5/7/2013. That they must of used my email to have this thing stalk me, made me uncomfortable of a nasty woman who would assault me grossed me out...blonde, black dress, ring on thumb finger...med height a nobody of an ispy to set me up illegally to cover up the assault of 2011-2012 of ex tenant abuse and medical malpractice...


Phase two, of stalkers......breaking policy to assault me is against the law....


Phase two of stalkers breaking policy of eeo policy


2011 silvia guzman bad association to 2013 of Oscar guzman, she stalked me in 2012 at my home address not invited by telephone, text messages and not allowed 50 feet near me of her cult driven boston kabbalah center, disowned in april 8th 2011….a corrupted lawyer who stalks is not accepted when taking an oath to uphold the law for avvo.
Eqm trash of a job interview in 2014 on 690 street in manhattan, ugly woman in a fur hat, anorxia white with blue eyes and had some heels on. Somehow got my resume and stalked me at home address and was offended and sent them an email saying it was unprofessional and a lawsuit to give out my personal information. Since when is it normal, to give out people information of their resume to have other people interviewing to stalk them at their homes or apartment. I would think against the law.
Connie metropolis another unwanted person who was a couch at new Hampshire and took her students out to eat at a cheap place of subway, that when she saw a mother and her daughter at a train place, ran and hid from them and was not a coach parents approved of, that Ashley gaven had in her apt in 2010…a real loser who had messed up skin, bad teeth, and a nasty body scent of bath and body products that nobody wanted to touch, told me all her past things she dated hated her touchie feelie and dumped her….she was nasty and never wanted to see her again after hearing her so called life of nothing that her own parents disowned her.
Mary Nickerson/Kelley in 1998/1999 said if I was gay to kim corella, Christine bellanti and her peeps that she drank with, none of them said would date her that she was a drama queen and tried hitting on me and suggesting would you date me, told her no…….she would sit in the living room as I was going to go to sleep and in a nightie that repulsed me and put the tv on, so I couldn’t sleep…it pissed me off because she was married to Charlie Kelley a lawyer of malden…..she lost her mind.


East boston trash
Steven Bellanti, loser who tried to touch my breast and smacked him that his head went flying into a pillow as cassie clemons laughed aged 18-20, he would run across the street drunk and knock on this womans door who had two kids to be let in, her daughter ariel and mark…that she had to call the cops or someone to get rid of him…he then tried at age 21 to break in and assault me..that I had to use my body up against the door to keep him from busting in….that noni and nona got mad and kicked me out and millie picked me up and threw me out and couldn’t get any of my stuff….1999 year it was…..this man I told mary was never to come 50 feet near me and he had some woman who had two of his kids and they set me up to drink in 1998, Charlie and mary and the others left as I blacked out and faded in and out seen nasty steven bellanti on top of me and undressed made me sick that I ran to the beach and cried at night, while they all laughed and thought it was funny in Winthrop to be assaulted what was funny about it? Called me at mary’s house and harassed me over the phone, that I moved out to ila


place in 1999 in Arlington of an old woman aged 70 or older that I needed one year to rest and still went to work.


Lisa Faraci and Cassie Clemons came in right after my assault of being fisted, that lisa faraci knew this man pasquelli who brought over wine fisted me and left, these two came in as I was bleeding in the shower as my hymen never healed…1990 year….it is messed up on the inside and has a bump.
1997 december army national guard of a sargent who placed rufis in my beer, never to interact with privates under no circumstances of a xmas party came to my house while my brother left in north quincy….that I felt my body dying as I was on the toilet and passed out hitting the kitchen floor on east squantum…that he knew Elizabeth guzman, Elizabeth guzman knew Maribel reyes who slept with james Patterson….that they gave me not an honorable discharge or an unhonorable but after what I went through wasn’t going to the armory….breaking eeo policy…….sargents are never to associate with privates in may 1998 I was let go to cover up their decrepancies…..1995 had to go on my two weeks tour of panama with jose who I was buzzed and had a room with stacy and somehow was in his room…he had a child of a toddler……that the corporal threatened me of no pay and said I work and nothing is done here we sit around….give me a toothbrush or something don’t like sitting around doing nothing a waste of government spending…


Stalkers phase 3
Breaking eeo policy and making me uncomfortable, breaking laws of businesses and organizations
Cardinal Cushing Central High School,(south Boston), MA Ask Sister Mary Mulligan of an english teacher Barry who is never allowed to fratenized with students, or sexual come onto to them outside or within school grounds. Stalked me years after I graduated and Heather thought it was a joke, that I ran for my life of a pervert over 20 years my age to rape me, wasn’t funny. That I had seen this stalker in 2012 at harvard co-op and ran out the back door. He is bald, old looking and repulsed me....


Also another teacher was dating teresa, he was a male and I was offended by this and would think against the law of a catholic school for education my dad placed me for safety.
It is against the law for any teacher to have sexual misconduct with students and he acted gay and was dating some ugly red head woman...hope he moved on and never comes 50 feet near me.
St Gregories high school, 1984-1985 a nun of all people old senior would hang around senior students and chase after me to have them corner me to hug me, and it was against eeo policy to touch students, that I had to duck this woman and wasn’t fair to me.
Under age 7
Under age 7, kidnapped by an old man with a santa like beard in an orange corvette car with black roof, that i was taken from my house.....don’t remember what happened to me.....i remember another man that looked like him, who had a black lincoln and took a shovel out of the back trunk and threw me in the ditch, told me to stay there and left...felt as if he was digging another grave while i was in the back seat panicking....looked like the man that the ex landlord jimbo knew of dan macdonalds brown ter/seaverns ave jamaica plain, ma....who was driving a white lincoln with a blue top in the back and to see another man in a gray one....ashley gavin in 2012, as I had gotten cough medicine at cvs, he was old senior looking, santa clause looking with a fat belly had keys to the front door and walked into ashley gavens apartment saying “where are we at” that it grossed me out...ashley is fat, big round eyes, short curly hair and got a tatoo on her back of a flower all over it....she even had her parents come one time, seen her mom who was irish looking, tall brown hair and a man who was tanned complexion...ashley hung out at galloway for new years eve, and I stayed home...she had on torn nylons as I was repulsed she would talk to me as I never interacted with her. She tried to ask me about my money told her, none of your business and tried to suggest a job under the rug....told her no.....she even said I am going to school and mentioned critical thinking and asked her do you know the definition, said no..told her its a bunch of negative people of critical thinking that I don’t follow. That the man across the way who has two kids, never talked to me in 9-10 years all of a sudden goes to talk to me, told him to go away....do not talk to any men and how was his wife...she worked during the day while he took them to school.
2010-2012 harassment of dan macdonald ex tenants
That Jimbo, was waxing his car one day in 2010 of a black light skin negro, who had some nerve to talk to me and had 14 kids (hung out at the galloway bar) as I was working and had my cup of coffee and smoking tried to talk to me and sickened me. I had seen him months ago, with some younger woman age 30 mugging up on her and he was around 70 kissing all gross, that I went the other way....that when I went to the bank to pay my rent to dan macdonald, this man would show up uninvited to talk to me and had no rights as I would never speak to old men (senior like)...this man jimbo knew, maintenance man bob, who knew georgette (who talked to 11 seaverns ave) who knew the low life cab driver that I told him to get the hell away from me by assaulting me by calling me honey, said excuse me that is not my name and don’t ever talk to me ever again. Georgette knew people in southie and a low life trashy person named john who worked at the hardware store, across from dan macdonals office was renting to him and his girlfriend..that he hit on me a nasty irish drunk, with brown hair and had some nerve to show his stomach that I told him off, and dan macdonald can be held accountable for harassment and sexual misconduct of breaking tenant policy of eeo. I was renting , not a place of any love connections of any kind....a good tenant who always paid my rent of 10 years and got my security deposit and have pics of leaving the place clean and housing report of them breaking health codes of no repairs...


That georgette seen with a tall irish man I would never talk to, he was thin red short hair and had on a fireman tee shirt and a box, that I had seen later on in dan macdonalds office with black gloves of paper work it looked like from my ex living room.


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