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My 5 underestimated Live Song



1.THE LOOK OF LOVE (Who's That Girl World Tour)

2.BORDERLINE (Virgin Tour)

3.IN THIS LIFE (Girlie Show)

4.I DESERVE IT (Drowned World Tour)

5.GET TOGETHER (Confessions Tour)


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When We speak about Madge, is so difficult choice a preferred music, video, or live song because all are fantastic and I love...but always there is one that we identify us.

So...Who's That Girl World Tour, I love so much "The look of love",  too “Live to Tell”/ “white Heat”/ “Causing a Commotion” and “Who's That Girl”/  Blond Ambition tour (“Like a Virgin”, “ Like a Prayer”, “Keep it together”, “Sooner or Later”, “Causing a Commotion”/  )/ The Girlie show ("In this life", too, “Why's it so hard” and “Justify my love”)/  Drowned World Tour ("Secret"/ Don't Tell me", "Human nature")/ Re Invention  ("Die Another day"/ "Mother and Father")/ The Confessions Tour ( “Forbidden Love”/ “ Isaac”/ “Like it or not”/ “Sorry”/ “Let it will be”/ “Hung up”)/ Stick Sweet Tour ( “Candy Shop”/ “She’s not me”/  “Heartbeat”/ “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize you”/ “Spanish Lesson”/ “You must love me”/ “Don’t Cry for me Argentina”/ “ Like a Prayer”/ “Hung up”/ “Music”)/ MDNA ( all musics)

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