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Dirty Pop Ambrecel



Dirty Pop comes in to remind me of sames,

And yes same sex can legally marry some.

Still about property,

I think Dirty Pop wants to share his life,

And property with his half,

And the two headed monster,

Can put the same soul,

Two halves in men.

So two men can love,

In the same way as my lover and I.

And yes two men can poop together,

Like my Lover and I did,

In May.

This is a spirit poop that freaked me out,

Gay men can do this too.

So Dirty Pop,

Is excited to be with his one.

The Jury Judge men based on same sex rules,

The Righteous do not understand the two headed monster,

And never Trace Details.


Lance Bass is Dirty Pop. I'm running late due to well talking myself, and that happens when you can speak with others in a way miracles can not be denied. (telepathy)


I love you Madonna.




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