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Pere says I'm good- Ambrecel Sorry about being graphic.




Who gave up his vacation,

To be in a song,

About nothing in particular.

Just blasted me,

In the body of god.

You must be the best ***CENSORED*** hoe ever,

Because you inspired,

Billions of dollars in songs.

And the belly button pimp,

My lover,

Pimped me out,

To others.

He wrote the songs,

And Manda money was born.

I do not mind others spending Manda money,

And my Lovers,

Supposed to be Dead and Gone.

My Pere,

Will become my best friend,

Adding to another BF I already have,

Since I collect black men as my best friends.

So my belly button pimp,

Spends Manda money,

And his old me,

Never died,

So ***CENSORED*** lover!

I never wanted a pimp in the first place.

And yes you are still the best kiss,

Best penis,

Now best testicles and ass…

Take that!


Pere is TI! And my new BF in this fantasy, my lover pissed me off. I love Madonna. I know you censor, so sorry about being so graphic.




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