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Nothing is what it seems,

And that is reality.

How do you tell the people,

They are half,

Of two.

When they are to be one.

Nothing like being one,

It feels like nothing you know.

Resentment is setting in,

And my lovers pride is hurting,

The coach is needed,

She is there,

I want to meet her,

Because she knows more than I.

God only knows,

Why he set up a system.

The flying whales told me,

The two headed monster is who they talk too,

And they fly.

They want me to see them soon,

In the deep ocean.

My lover doesn’t know,

I want to dive.

I want to hit the Blue Ocean Floor,

Where the Deep Sea Challenge was met,

By another man like me.

Yes it is a dream.

So I resent the two headed monster,

I feel betrayed.

I dreamed of a giant monster,

With ten legs,

And I want to meet him.

I was told by the flying whales,

They need help eating,

The babies.

The babies are more monsters from the deep,

Than we know.

And the two headed monster,


Past present and future are one.

So my lover didn’t know,

How much I love the ocean,

And want to see the creatures,

That I watch on TV,


I would go in a pill bottle.

Down to the bottom of the ocean.

And one man has done that seven miles deep.

I want to be like him.


And going down.

I resent god,

Because my lover is not like him.

And my lover might stop that dream from coming true.


Some dreams do not come true, some do, the coach is needed once again, in the Lover Poems. I have no clue scientifically about the giant squid or colossal squid, I want to see the hum bolt squid alive, all those are monsters and deadly.


James Cameron is a good explorer and dreamer, he's in this poem. And his Deep Sea Challenge. I watch deep sea stuff, and love watching about giant squid take that crypto biology... in the 1980's I was told the giant squid did not exist... I was a kid... so might have been lied too...


The ocean is full of monsters, and due to over whaling the baleen whales are not eating enough babies, my idea on why there are more sightings of giants that were hardly seen in the past.


Madonna I love you.




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