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Madonna's and My Way... to Learn the Lessons...





How do you give your lessons to others?


This song, was just a wake-up call,

'shines in you' the only real messenge to others.


This was your song, your tail.


'Not ready for the fog'

Nor am I right now.


'To blind to see te writing on the wall'

Damn, I have been blind for so long, I was so stubborn.


'Seen the beauty'

As do I, I'm still enjoy life, dispite my many troubles


'Learned my lessons wel'

As do I, finally, it took me a long way to get there


'Hope to live to tell story (or something) I have learned'

Exact what my intension are in the futher.


I have to sleep.

I have to rest.

I have to eat.


I don't care anymore.

I'm so interresed in you right now.

Yes, I have a very low self-esteem


Rationaly, I know what I am worth.

Emotionaly, is a very different story.


I don't care anymore.

To be vulnerabel.


I don't care anymore.

That I have to show myself 'naked'


Sometimes, this is necessary, in order to archieve a higher purpose.


What lessons do you have learned?


What have you gone through?


How do you give your lessons to the people?


This song, was just an introduction.


How wil you continu, when the society gave you so much undeserved critics?


Can we help each other?


I intend to became a sort of social worker (don't know the right English word)


I have learned a lot off psychiatry.

And know a lot off the hard way to get there in practisch.


In about 15 Years or so.

I have writen a new system te help people with psychic troubles.


Could we help each other?


Your knowledge, and mine knowledge.

Your profession, and mine profession.


Could we have a positive and powerfull influenze on each other?


So that we can archieve our ultimated goals?


Why became I more interresed in you, than I already was.


Why was I looking for power woman.


Why couldn't I find the videoclip with your fake pointlike boobs.


But came I across your videoclip at your confession tour with your number 'live to tell' while you where hanging on Jezus Cross?


The first minutes, I watched with disbelieve.

How could she do that, this is wrong.


But I stayed fixed on the screen.

I had to see the end.


I could understand immediantly understand the obvious reason, but also the first and second layer beneath it.


A hour ago, I could understand the third layer beneath it.

And that is why I am confinced, the we have a close connection with each other.


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