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Well first off let me say interscope sux a big one!!!



I ordered the MDNA dvd from amazon. I was so excited when I got it in the mail, HOWEVER! When I put the dvd on; I was in for a rude awakening. So the monks are coming out and ringing the bell.....THE PICTURE FREEZES UP!!!! I was PISSED! I fast forwarded to see if it was messed up it kept freezing and the sound still was playing! I put it in another dvd player, IT kept freezing up over and over again! I was getting more pissed! So then after being really disappointed after MONTHS of anticipation it was a real BUZZ KILL! So I go to amazon to get another copy of the DVD, Well when it came in the mail I put it in the Xbox to play and the MOTHERF*CKER FROZE IN THE SAME PLACE, The exact same place as the other one. So now i'm pretty frustrated. So I went to amazon and it says the dvd was out of stock and I would get a refund. HUHHHHHHH!

So then I was reading alot of people were having problems with the blu ray and it was RECALLED!!!! What the hell! Interscope sux!!! Since M has left warner bros, the icon site has been out of wack! On all her other tours there was always alot of notice ahead of all the details. When the MDNA tour was announced it was right after the Superbowl and on Icon we didn't really hear jack about the tour when the tickets were on sale, etc. Now Interscope puts out Madonna's record breaking tour with a botched dvd/blue ray that doesn't work and gets recalled! We all know this has never happened in the history of MADONNA! She worked really hard on the project and interscope gets a manufacturer that SUX and does a shitty job of incompetence. How does this happen these days. Madonna is the queen of pop, a legend and the most successful artist, I would expect this from a hannah montana dvd or something else that sux! Another note, when Icon put the links out to buy the dvd, they were another country!!! Also I noticed that there was no live cd with the dvd, you have to buy it separately! What is up with that! With this economy I would have to do my hustle to get both! I had already paid an arm and a leg for 2 tix to the l.a. show and i was PRACTICALLY BEHIND THE STAGE! Horrible seats!!!!! So you can understand another reason i was excited to see the dvd and watch the way it was meant to be!

Anyhow, I'm gonna go out and smoke some grass! Guess what i'm going to do in a moment......

I'm going to attempt to buy the dvd again and pray it's not A BOTCHED poorly made disc!


Rant over! I feel like Casey Kasem!!!

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