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Lucky Star/Meteor shower



Was anyone singing 'Lucky Star' by Madonna like I was, whilst watching the shooting stars in the Perseid Meteor shower last night? Let me know. Oh, and remember to sponsor me on www.justgiving.com/angel1278. Thanks


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Lucky Star is very good to hear by Madonna on you Tube...What is the Perseid Meteor?...How do we connect this to Madonna's career?

Hi Antara,

this meteor shower only will pass by Earth again in over 100 years time. It is debris from a comet that creates meteors/shooting stars which are meant to be lucky. People make a wish on them and hopefully they come true, hence me singing 'Lucky Star' because it was the only time where up to 100 shooting stars were in the sky each hour. I actually saw 9, hence 9 wishes.

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I saw more than seven stars one day and almost the same number the day after. Actually I also thought about Madonna's hit Lucky Star eheh

Great minds think alike.  It was an amazing sight.  I hope our wishes come true.

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