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Important For Humanity! Please Read It!



First of all, I know that people who know well Madonna can understand why I’m opening this topic in this page.


I’m a citizen of Turkey. In this country, everything is being banned by our cruel goverment: Freedoom of press, state theatres, art, alcohol, protests and so much more… Everything that The President Recep Tayip Erdoğan doesn’t like!


Yesterday (June 31, 2013), after a series of peaceful demonstrations for preserving a recreational area (Gezi Park) in Istanbul city centre, which is planned to be demolished for the construction of a shopping mall, Turkish police attacked the protesters violently with tear gas and water cannon, directly targeting their faces and bodies. Dozens of protesters are hospitalized and access to the park is blocked without any legal basis. Some of them died! And now, lots of people are protesting these horrible apperances in their own cities or by going to İstanbul. After all these events, some polices and provincial chairmen decided to resign.Turkish media, directly controlled by the government or have business and political ties with it, refuses to cover the incidents. Press agencies also blocked the information flow. If the social media wasn’t exist, nobody would be in on.


After all, Turkish democracy needs your help and support my friends.. Madonna is a great freedom fighter. She allways shows us the importance of freedom of expression, art and what we belive in. As all you know, she is very sensitive about this kind of subjects. As the fans or her team, we are like that. If she is The Queen, we are her knights. I don’t live in İstanbul but it’s a matter of state, a matter of liberty. Please share these horrible news with the world and support us. Thank you.


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Sometimes it's better to see if you can move to a more civilized country..Europe, U.S.A...or even South America....Change takes time; it even may come first well after our lives have long ended...Possibly supporting Madonna is a step in the right direction...

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Hello, Antara. Yes, I'd like to live in a more civilized country. But I don't want to escape for a while (and I can't). Because if we leave hear, our country will be given up to that cruel government and enemies.

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So, what do I think about this?


I think this is very important the gorvernment maintain the civilization, but I don't think that it can "locks" the people, their actions and some attitudes, because people have feelings and many times They need to express this. Madonna teaches, says each day, that all people are free and they need to be respected and to express how you are, but Madge never encouraged the violence, people needs to express, but they need to respect the others, sow how you are, show what you thnk but never express with violence.

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Of course violence cannot solve anything. In Turkey, only the police do it to the people. They beat, throw tear gas, use guns. Put the people just trying to express theirselves on strikes. That's the only think we do. We don't even have a stick to hit others!

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