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you gave me strength and hope in life!



Dear Madonna


When I was child and in my teenage life my sister and I were sexually abused by my step father, I remember locked myself in my room and the only thing that gives me comfort was your music, you gave me inspiration, strength and hope to survive that horrible moments in my life, and I said to myself "one day I'll go to New York" and I did.

I come from small town in Brazil and that time if you want to be and dress different from others, people look at you funny, but I didn't care and I changed my hair to blond, dressed up like you and people were like staring at me like I wasn't normal.

I'm telling that cause I see in these days now so much bullying and kids going nuts with guns in school, cause the parents are not there for them or for others reasons, I was alone my mom wasn't around, she left us and went to work in a gold mine, and we were alone with my step father, and we survived and didn't get depression or try to kill our self or others like now, I understand that everybody is different from each other but still.


I went to NY and lived there for 7 yrs and I had the greatest time of my life, I was going to parties, fancy places, travelling I went to yr concert :), bought my apartment, but something happened that made me go back to my country and while I was in Brazil the money finished and I faced everything that you can't imagine. It was some kind of karma that made me go back and my step father wasn't with my mom already for 20 yrs, he got old and got HIV from blood transfusion and also had prostate cancer, and was rejected by his own family, didn't have place to go and I forgave him and took care of him, changing his diapers, giving him shower, cooking, etc, I dealt with my brother that was in drugs and later ended up in murder. But today I see that as a lesson and made me grow as human.

After that I went to London to try new life and give a better future for my son and another chapter of my life started, I met a movie director and he was so impressed with my journey in London and made a documentary of my life while I was there, and we won many awards around the world, London, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Toronto, in France from French Ambassador his Excellency M Frederik Billet for the most innovative documentary of Parnu Film Festival.

Today I'm married I have a 9 yrs old son and I live in Canada, I'm very happy and part of that is you, like I said you gave me hope and inspiration in life.

Lot of people see you as a bad girl and criticize what you do, but for me you were all the best, my inspiration to survive and hope and that's why I'm sharing those chapters of my life with you and I wish all those kids today don't give up.

I know life is tough but there's a bright sunshine after the rain :)

Wish one day I could meet you and tell you that in person.

YOU WERE EVERYTHING FOR ME in my teenage life.


God bless you


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When Madonna entered the entertainment world, I was already 40 yrs. old; but age did not deter me from loving Madonna's singing voice and acting ability...Here I am all these years later, an avid Madonna fan..I like posting in forum, etc......Madonna is the greatest ever...

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Congrats Sandrinebrazil for your superation!!!! You are a winner!!! Yeah, you are correct Madonna is our inspiration in all moments. In a good moments her musics does we are very happy, in a bad moments her musics does we overcome these moments and forget these moments and We feel happy.

Madge is the example of woman and of superation and She show this for everybody.

Thanks M. , for you do We are happy and more human. I love you!!!

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