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In the half time show in the Superbowl this year how signed and danced was Beyoncé, but her show wasn't better than Madonna, Why???



Because Madonna is the queen, She is the best, She is wonderful, beautiful, complete artist, the best singer, dancer, creative, does the things with her heart, loves what she does...but what this news (http://www.maisfutebol.iol.pt/outros-desportos/superbowl-tv-beyonce/1416646-1493.html) says is:


"There were more people seeing in Madonna show than Beyoncé show, that's why the audience in Madonna show was better than Beyoncé."


Beyoncé can have a incredible voice how said our queen in the interwiew with Ellen Degeneres , but Madonna is the queen and the best.


The diferences in a show that do the Madonna show is the best:


The change of clothes in a curt of time, Madonna changed, Beyoncé no.


The production, Madonna had a creative and rich production better than Beyoncé.

The dance, all are many same, Madonna had the innovation how allways.

The musics, there weren't nothing modification, Madonna changed.





Show Beyonce in SuperBowl, this is the link:



Show Madonna in Superbowl, this is the link:



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xpdri.....It's just that Madonna has the power, voice and style of handling this performance a million times better than her contender...Madonna glides skillfully across the stage; she reflects the lights above in a brilliant array of colors....Madonna has the class....

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And one last thing, I've forgotten....Madonna knows how to pull full steam ahead when she comes on stage...No other entertainer in the world can do that....


Agree, Madonna knows how to put a show together and she does it with style and humour and intellect... People like Beyonce can only follow in her steps. Lets not forget Madonna's been around a lot longer and has been doing fab shows for a long time

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