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Congrats Madonna!!! :D



Madonna helped to build 10 schools in Malawi, the same country that She adopted her children, David Banda and Mercy. This attitude was worthy of a queen, how all that Madonna does.

Congratulations Madonna!!! I was very happy!!! :D


She said in a communique:


"I'm very happy to know that my commitment with the Ong BuiltOn helping and teaching Malawe children materialized it. In a country where girls have a little education opportunity and is more motivational to know more than half of students that will go to scholl will be girls. The fact 4800 childrens will go to school in the next year is a big increase for Malawi"



This is the link of an apresentation of the project:




What do you think about it?





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Thanks for posting this,xpdri...It seems so sad that when Madonna does something so commendable, nothing is ever said...But if she is a little late for a performance, every one complains...Go figure people...Madonna is the best.....

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Yeah, many sites say only about music or some critical and They never or rarely emphasize good an action, how this of Madonna. It's sad, but Madonna always shows her best, that's why I don't get tired to say: I LOVE MADONNA!!! and CONGRATULATIONS MADONNA!!!!

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