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I'm so sad with Chile!!! :( ....In many countries She retarded and people, true FANS understood!!! (I'm not generalizing all Chilean fans and all people went to the show), but She was a queen!!!!


What do you think???


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Madonna will always be Queen; not just of Pop but of the acting world also...Surely you saw her performance in Evita...Need I say more...Those people who attended; of them I don't know...Some caused Madonna to come out of character and mutter obscenities...I would do the same thing, had I been she...

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I think Madonna did that with a reason and do the show the way she did it...From the soundcheck..Stupid rain..smooking iddiots...she didn't have a choice.....U must be soooooooo lucky bec She even came in Chile...In Cro is cancelled...But the same-with a BIIIIIIIIIIG REASON!!!!!!!!!And it didn't stopped me to go in 4 countryes to see fer..for a 5 shows in GOLDEN FAN PIT..GOLDENGOLDIES LUUUUUUUUV TRIANGLE!!!!! <3I love you my Madonna and thank you for everything..Myb for a next tour u will make it in Croatia!!!! Chile be HAPPY....MADONNA CAME TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am gonna miss this crew this whole entire MDNA SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! MADONNA I LOVE YOU!!!! XOXO XOXP.......

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