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Nov 19 Miami Concert...



Heard a lot of complaints after the show about the show. I thought the concert was GREAT! What bothers me was all the people just standing there watching the show. YOU made it suck. It's all about the MUSIC! "Get up off your ass" like Madonna said. Just hope some of our show ends up on the DVD... Sorry, just had to let some steam off...


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I agree with you absolutely probably along with many others and Madonna, herself..These people think they're in a movie theatre..All they need is popcorn..Well, let's classify them as ticket holders; never fans..Such a shame, Madonna has to work so hard...and so little appreciation. Oh, I just remembered something; these people are called zombies....

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Yeah... I was shocked to be honest. The people behind us we eating hot dogs... I turned around once and the guy was like napping. I felt horrible! Anyway ... I had a great time watching the show.. at the same time singing, takin pics and shakin my ass! Lol... hell with those zombies ...

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I was up dancing and I heard someone say sit down twice. I ignored that, I sat down once cuz I was feeling faint.So excieted to see Madonna. I was in section 117. I previously have seen Madonna from the nosebleed sections. This was the closet I have ever been, And I was right in front of the camera, Blocked my view at times, that was annoying. I feel American Airlines isn't a great place for concerts. I live in Florida, And I drive four and half hours to get to that arena. I'd rather fly out to another state then go there again.

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Yeah... screw that sit down crap! It's a concert, not a movie. Sounds like you had a great time tho. We were down on the floor. The camera were getting in our way too, but I guess thats how it goes. She always performs at the American Airlines Arena when she comes to Florida. (Maybe she can put in a stop in to Ft. Lauderdale next time. Hint... hint.) I have to say, we live in Tampa and drove too, but I would still make a drive down. The parking garage sucks too. Took us 20 minutes and 2 attendence to find our car... lol... and my feet were killing me!!!! No matter where she goes... there will be a seat waiting for me. :wub:

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I know she always goes to American airlines. I was there for Sticky, and Sweet. Confessions and Reinvention tour, Drowned world at a different arena. Blond Ambition was my first concert saw that at La sports arena, in California. I had a good time as always, but that arena is one of the worst.I know parking there is tough. Because of that and the late start time I got a room this time . It was a strange little place. It was one mile away from the arena. It would be nice if she come to Orlando, that's the middle of the state. She has only performed in Tampa during the Virgin tour. It would be the best if she come back to Tampa. Will we ever be this lucky ?

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The Phoenix AZ MDNA went well; the crowd cooperated..There was plenty of parking...I guess we must take the good with the bad...Not fair, Madonna should have any bad....At least she never said that she's tired of this s...." and that she wasn't coming back here again.

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And finally Madonna is taking everything in stride in the concert's completion...I feel a little nostalgia...I at this moment don't know what else to tell her...When I think of something, I'm pretty sure she had thought of that already...Good Luck, Madonna...Take care...

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This just came to me now; I'm sure Madonna knew all along of this...What is the definition of a fan?....An appliance used to blow air through a room and is powered by an electric current.....If that's any help M....?

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