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Vote:Queen of Pop - Keep Voting!



German-Franco culture TV channel ARTE are asking fans to vote for who they think is the ultimate Queen of Pop! Fans have a choice to vote for a singer from each decade - Madonna can be found in the 80's.

Madonna is currently in second place to Nena (about 2000 votes behind) so please keep voting until the poll closes on Sunday 30 January evening.

At the end of the vote the channel will show 10 documentaries of 10 winners - and then they will have a big show at the end where you can vote for the ulimate winner.

Visit queensofpop.arte.tv to vote for Madonna (in the 1980's). (Just copy and paste this link and vote for the only queen that is MADONNA)


Actually this seems silly, we all know and they know that Madonna is the only queen! like to make a stupid vote ", but knows that guys have to vote to shut his mouth and l know that there is only one queen and that Madonna reigns is iconers vote!

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I want to vote for Madonna but I understand the polls have closed; so here I wish to express my vote that she win this contest.. I would also want her to win the best actress award for Evita...

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