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When you're on vacation ... ?



Yeah!  My current homework is done, done, done!  So, since I just got ahold of a new copy of Desparately Seeking Susan I'm going to watch it again.  Until I'm sick of it.

Everyone's invited, bring floor pillows to lounge on.  I have popcorn, and french fizzy lemonade, but if you want other snacks or soda bring some for the crowd.  Smile

(I know I said I was on vacation, but that's just from work.  Sigh.  School goes on, and on, and on.)

If I was clever like the rest of y'all I'd put a little DSS vid clip in here, but I'm not so there ya go; all text.

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When I finally get leisure time every handful of days; I continually play Evita..Does everyone notice how well Madonna strains in her singing and acting and coordinating all her movements?..She is terrific...

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