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  1. Less than two weeks. I'm getting excited. I love Madonna live!

  2. What do you mean the weekend's already over? Aaaarrrggghhhh!

  3. Just saw the complete MDNA concert streamed from Amazon. It was cool to see the bits I couldn't see from my seat.

  4. Yeah! My current homework is done, done, done! So, since I just got ahold of a new copy of Desparately Seeking Susan I'm going to watch it again. Until I'm sick of it. Everyone's invited, bring floor pillows to lounge on. I have popcorn, and french fizzy lemonade, but if you want other snacks or soda bring some for the crowd. (I know I said I was on vacation, but that's just from work. Sigh. School goes on, and on, and on.) If I was clever like the rest of y'all I'd put a little DSS vid clip in here, but I'm not so there ya go; all text.
  5. 1996 - a state law makes gay marriage illegal 2008 - voters pass a proposition to amend the state constitution defining marriage as "only a union of one man and one woman." 2010 - an immigration related state law is passed that almost ensures harassment of hispanic/latin looking residents, legal or not. today (8 Jan 2011) - some freakin' political crazy person shot Gabby, one of the very few moderate, accessible, and genuinely friendly congress members in the country.
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