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Erotica unreleased



Songs recorded by Madonna but were chosen not to be used on her Warner Bros. Music albums (Sire Records or Maverick Records) and remain unreleased. Sometimes sent to other recording artists for them to record for use on their albums instead. 

The Erotica album

Love Hurts - A unique song title listed in the discography of producer/remixer Junior Vasquez. Possibly an early version of what later became "Erotica". See Junior Vasquez Music Site (http://www.juniorvasquezmusic.com/studio/discographyt.asp?nav_letter=L&offset=0)You Thrill Me - Unreleased song from the Erotica sessions. Possibly an alternate version to Erotica. A 3:17 acapella clip from this track is available on the internet. Registration# PAu-1-605-642. Shame ur a pest US copyright registration# PAu-1-605-637 and You Are The One registration# PAu-1-605-636. Also listed as Shame in the CMRRA database as song #532812. CMRRA Shame (https://www.cmrra.ca/song%20lookup/song.nsf/cbb705d4b1b1516b852566ab006720c9/cb85a9088ea727ed85256e6e005edd96?OpenDocument)Two songs that Madonna recorded with Shep Pettibone for the album "Erotica" but never used. Alternate versions of "Thief Of Hearts" registration# PAu-1-605-643, "Words" registration# PAu-1-605-641 and "Deeper and Deeper" registration# PAu-1-605-634 from that same album also exist with slightly different arrangements but were not released along with an odd-ball called Jitterbug 1991.

Others from this period were mentioned in Billboard magazine as being works in progress. Most notably No Entry. The others are less certain. Freak may have been related to the eventually released "Rescue Me". Out To Lunch/Eating Out, Show And Tell, and Smoked Too Many Cigarettes may have been early versions of/or related to the released songs "Where Life Begins", "Secret Garden", and "Bad Girl". Throb is questionable since a Janet Jackson song of the same title surfaced shortly after this media report.

Goodbye To Innocence Good alternate version written and produced by Madonna, Shep Pettibone and Tony Shimkin. US copyright registration# PAu-1-605-640. Different from the commercially released version which appeared on the various artists collection "Just Say Roe". Dear Father An unreleased collaboration with Andre Betts and Mic Murphy (former member of "The System"). Supposedly an uptempo dance track. The song appeared for a time in the EMI Music publishing database and in the UK based MCPS system. Just A Dream Written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard. Given to her long time backing vocalist Donna DeLory for her MCA debut solo album. Madonna does appear on backing vocals, but the original Madonna lead vocal recording remains unreleased. DeLory's version did manage to crack the US Dance Club Play Chart. 


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