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The Holy Grail



The Holy Grail


Made in the U.K. circa 1992, this is considered to be one of the rarest and most sought after Madonna collectibles in the world.  The story goes that Warner Bros. produced about 50,000 of these to promote her album Erotica, but then ordered all of them to be destroyed due to a scandal that had developed at the time involving tabloid photographs of Fergie sucking on someone's big toe. Warner Bros. didn't want to be seen as cashing in on a scandal involving royalty.  After the disc was withdrawn, there was a reported 138 unaccouted for - This is one of them.

Extremely Limited Edition Picture Disc highly sought after by collectors rumoured to be only 138 copies pressed. Due to its extreme rarity, this item (worth hundreds or easily thousands of dollars to the right collector) has been widely bootlegged, and potential buyers are urged to ensure their copy is not a counterfeit. According to www.madonnaunderground.nl, there are 3 main differences in the genuine "Erotica" picture disc, and the knock-off reproduction:

1) the real "Erotica" picture disc carries a gold backing card, with the official "Madonna/Erotica" logo in the top-left corner. The bootleg disc is missing this backing card.

2) the real "Erotica" picture disc has a white rectangular box containing its catalog # directly below the Maverick logo on the vinyl itself. The bootleg disc is missing this box.

3) the real "Erotica" picture disc has the words "Orlake W0138TP" sketched on the run-out groove of the vinyl itself, on the inner loop. The bootleg disc is missing this writing.
1992 meisel III (16).jpgerotica display.jpgHoly Grail.jpg


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