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Madonna is my life!



Could anyone of you predict that one day Madonna would be our love?Could anyone of you predict that Madonna one day be Madonna is my lifecalled the Dancing Queen of Music?I'm so proud of being her fan...I'm crying with her progress and when I see her live...I can't hide my happyness when she performs such  wonderfull shows,plenty of difficult and complicated choreographies!She's the Lady of live shows...!

Madonna came here to Greece to perform the greatest show ever happened here...This was the first time I saw Madge Queen dancing in front of my eyes...singing her all time classics and of course her new successful songs[...]27.09.2008...Madonna's Sticky & Sweet live show was an unforgetable experience...My girlfriend [who is a MJ's fan] and I went to see her in the front raw...When Angelica saw her dancing and singing with that sweet girlie voice,she said:SHE IS A MIRACLE!She couldn't belive how much energy could one person has...!

Madonna - Luis VuittonAnd this is the time that Madonna ->The Dancing Queen of Music will return with a new unbelievalbe album,a heart-breaking live show,a new movie and a documentary...!I think this following year:2011 will be Madge's year...Just remember one single thing..."Hold on I'm coming soon"This phrase has a very significant meaning...Madonna will Re-invention her style,her look...She will ***CENSORED*** all the other singers' ass and she will give the most HEART BREAKING SHOW in the history of Music...Madonna managed to built up a music history that even MJ couldn't...Nobody will be like her...No one else will be a second Madonna exept for Lourdes...Following her mother's steps will give us understand that Madonna will live 4ever!Her Music is spread all over the world...I bet that there isn't anyone who has not heart 20 Madonna's songs...Madonna is the main from of Music...She is proficient to Pop,Disco Pop,Pop rock,Elevtro,Alternative,House,Techno,Dance & House Tecnho!

Be ready because she's coming...Madonna is my life...!

Long live the Queen and the Goddess of Music & Dance floor!Madonna's power with you & keep Madonning!





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