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Madonna the Queen of Pop -> 2011 is my year!



Madonna has confessed,to one of her recent interviews:2011 is my year...Be ready for new heart-breaking shows!Is this a coincidence?I don't think so!Madge did great things these 2 years...She was a D&G fashion model...She has created her own Fashion Campaign which is very very successful to the teen community...For one another time she will be starred to her own movie "W.E",she has also created a new documentary film which is called "I am because we are"...Of course she's preparing her new album...It is said that she will change her Music style...For example her new album will be full of alternative,Pop,Hip Hop and House music...I think the Queen will make us to be surprised and be shocked for one another time,re-inventing her style and of course preparing the difficult choreographies for her new consert...Check up how many lines I have wrote for Madonna's work...is there anyone in the world who is as much creative as Madonna?No of course!

Madonna at 5th annual Fashion Delivery Awards! 

I'm looking forward to see her again dancing in front of me...She's really sexy and beautiful...My personal opinion is that all men wants her...If I hadn't got a girlfriend then I would definitely ask her to be in a relationship with me [psss don't tell that to Angelica haha]...haha but I'm only 16...I don't care...I believe that all men have the same opinion with me...I can't emagine that there is a man in the world that don't find Madonna a sexy woman!Besides she has showed us how sexy she is...I love her Sex book and I belive that it was a fantastic period to point her sexuality!But I cannot tell all Madonna's history!She has created a Legendary history in Music industry!She's the only Queen of Pop...Long live the Queen!



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