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Happy 52nd birthday Queen



This is a very special day...this is the day when the world changed...Maria Louise Veronica Ciccone was born...a miracle,a girl that it would change the History of Music...a girl that with her choreographies & her special life style would make us to love her just the way she is...1)beautiful 2)adorable 3)hot 4)sexy 5)energetic 6)the greatest show woman in the entire world 7)the dancing Queen 8)sensitive 9)sweet 10)genious...those are our Queen's weapons...Madonna tried so much to her life to succed in having that NAME...the Queen & the Goddess of Music..the only thing I have to say is that:I am so lucky that I'm a Madonna's fan...I'm so lucky I have known her...I'm so lucky saying her name...I'm so lucky that I follow her footsteps & her examples to manage to make my ambitions come true...[!][!][!]

Madonna is a very special person,Queen,Goddess...she says that she would never succed in all those things if she wouldn't have God's help...as we can see Madonna is not too much proud that she's not able to see people's pain...She helps orphan children,she provides to people who have canser madical treatment not for her TV emage but she's doing this from her bottom of her heart because she LOVES us...the only thing she wants from us is to love her...to admire her...and we do this & she's very proud of us...Have I say too much?there's nothing more I can think of say to you...But all you have to do is look at her to know...That every word is TRUE...[!][!][!]

  Madonna - Happy Birthday Queen

Long live the only Queen & the Goddess of Music...Happy 52nd birthday Madge...we love you so much & never have drowbacks for this...WE LOVE YOU[!][!][!]


By:Nicholas & you all Madonna's fans guys

To:Madonna [a woman who changed our life]

Love you Dancing Queen of Music[!][!][!]


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