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What about Pet Shop Boys



My next favorite pop artist/group, after Madonna, is Pet Shop Boys. The style of the music made by Pet Shop Boys is quite different from that of the music made by Madonna. But their respective music also have many things in common. Both Madonna and Pet Shop Boys often make songs with *great*, distinct melodies. And I think that the melody is the most important element in music. Pet Shop Boys and Madonna also both make music that is easy to dance to (for those who are talented in dancing at least, I am not good at dancing at all, never learned). Also Madonna and Pet Shop Boys are two of the very most productive pop artists/groups. Few artists/groups have released as many albums and singles as Madonna and Pet Shop Boys. Still another parallel between Madonna and Pet Shop Boys is the fact that both of them are creative and have written in style very diverse songs, without repeating themselves, so that their fans never get bored.Also, both Madonna and Pet Shop boys have been around for a long time, since the early 1980s. Lastly, both Madonna and Pet Shop Boys are, I believe, icons in the sexually liberated community.

I would like to know what the rest of you here think of Pet Shop Boys. Do you admire them/like their music almost as much as you admire Madonna/like her music? Do you listen to the music of Pet Shop Boys nearly as much as that of Madonna? Do you agree with the assessments of the parallels between Madonna and Pet Shop Boys which I made in the first paragraph?


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