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Is Madonna a spanko?



I know that I should not invade people´s privacy – but Madonna has made herself into a very public figure, and she has declared that she is an “exhibitionist” – so here goes. I am wondering if it is true that Madge is a spanko (i.e. a person who has an erotic interest in spanking). In other words – is it true that our idol is kinky?


I first discovered Madonna´s music when I read about her spanking anthem, Hanky Panky, back in the early 1990s. Since I was a longtime spanko myself I just had to check that song out. And when I did so I discovered just how good Madonna´s music is. But that song Hanky Panky raises a question – is Madonna herself actually the kind of person who likes to be spanked? I hope so. But I am uncertain if the song Hanky Panky “came from the heart” so to speak, or if the focus on spanking in the song was just a ploy for the purpose of making it a commercial success?


I read a newspaper article here in Sweden a few months ago which alleged that Madonna had denied that she was a spanko some TV or newspaper interview. She had reportedly said that letting herself be spanked by her man would not be compatible with her self-respect as a woman. But really –what is demeaning about being spanked, if it is just an erotic game and if it is consensual? Maybe that report that Madge had denied that she was a spanko was just spurious? After all, Madonna sure seems to be the kind of girl who likes to have fun. And spanking sure is fun – isn´t it?


So - is Madonna really a spanko? Does anyone here have the “inside dope” on this (heh, heh) important question?


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