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Another great woman



Madonna is a strong woman. She started out at the bottom and worked her way up to spectacular success. Madonna had to possess such virtues as ambition, intelligence, courage, independence, tenacity, failure tolerance, determination and so forth. Her success was well-deserved.

But Madonna is nevertheless not the woman whom I personally admire most. I admire Ayn Rand still more.

Ayn Rand, who died in New York City in 1982, had all of Madonna´s virtues and still more. Madonna worked hard for her success - but she is by no means an intellectual giant. Ayn Rand worked hard and was on top of that an genius - one of the greatest writers and philosophers of all time. Ayn Rand was on the same intellectual level as Aristotle.

Ayn Rand started out at the bottom, just like Madonna. Madonna came to New York City without any money to speak of in the late 1970s. Ayn Rand came to Hollywood from the Soviet Union, which she was fleeing, without any money to speak of in 1926. Madonna began by working as just a dancer. Ayn Rand began by working as just an extra in movies. Madonna soon became first a drummer and then a singer in a rock band in the early 1980s. Ayn Rand held numerous odd jobs, such as waitress and the boss of a wardrobe at a movie studio during the 1930s. Madonna eventually reached spectacular success as a pop queen. Ayn Rand eventually, after a long struggle, reached spectacular success as the author of such best-selling novels as The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Madonna became a follower of Kabbala mysticism - a serious error on her part. Ayn Rand became the originator of an original philosophy - a philosophy of reason: Objectivism. Ayn Rand was a philosopher as well as a fiction writer.

Madonna´s value to us lies in her providing us with entertainment which helps make us happy. Ayn Rand´s value to us lies in her providing us with great literature, and moreover with a philosophy which will enable us to save the world and survive - if only we are honest and intelligent enough to embrace it and live by it.

I admire Madonna. But Ayn Rand is my *real* heroine. If you admire independent women, who are not afraid to offend and challenge the establishment, then you should read some of the many books of Ayn Rand, for example Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand is hated by both the leftists and the conservatives and the libertarians. Almost everybody hates Ayn Rand. She challenges so many of our culture´s "sacred cows" - altruism, religion, socialism, environmentalism, multiculturalism, feminism, the welfare state etc. If you want to see courage - read the works of Ayn Rand! Ayn Rand´s books are available here - www.aynrandbookstore.com .

I wonder how many people here agree with me that Ayn Rand was in many ways like Madonna - but still better?


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