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The world



Who are the world´s sexiest female celebrities? That is a really big question. Because there are so *many* beautiful movie actesses, pop queens and fashion models out there. But these are my favorites:

1) Eva Mendes - Eva has the world´s most spankable buns. I loved that scene in the 2009 movie The Spirit, where Eva flashes her gorgeous backside for us. I would just love to have Eva over my knee.

2) Jessica Biel - Jessica has the world´s most perfect face. And a gorgeous body too. What a luscious mouth Jessica has! I´d love to kiss it.

3) Madonna - Sorry, Madonna only gets a bronze here, because I am being honest. Madonna is gorgeous, but so are Eva Mendes and Jessica Biel. Madge han an *awful* lot of competition here, so a bronze is not at all bad. And I do say that Madonna is the world´s sexiest cougar of them all. I wouldn´t mind being in Luis´ shoes at all (especially since then I would be young again!). And Madge beats both Eva and Jessica when it comes to physical fitness.

But the woman who is sexiest of them all in my eyes is my own wife, Thi. But Thi does not make it to this list, because she is not a *celebrity*. But Thi is an Asian beauty (she comes from Saigon). She is 50 years old, but she does not look a day older than 35. My wife is much more good looking than I am. I pretty much look my age (56). But many Asian women look much younger than their years. Have you ever noticed that?  I guess it has something to do with those Asian genes. By the way - on Sunday my wife Thi and I are going to celebrate our first anniversary. I have very little money - but I am at least going to buy Thi some flowers! And maybe we will do some cuddling in bed! Thi - I love you!

P.S. Can the rest of you Madonna fans here suggest some more candidates to the position of "The World´s Sexiest Celebrity"?  I would especially like to hear which celebrity the males among you yearn for the most!


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