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It's all about L O V E



Dear diary,

Yesterday was my birthday it was very tight. i turned 18 and i wanted a bunch of confetti on my face. Today one year ago, Michael went home to Jesus.

Last night i created a piece of art, i used my watercolors and some others. I painted a heart and in the heart it said.  It had to be about love and not make you too sad, so when you see something that Rulz is the real deal. It doesn't need explanation.

'Michael Jackson Rulz'

On the back of the painting my family all signed it and a special note to Michael.

At Forest Lawn, it was pretty sad, i'm not a big fan of death and all that jazz. However the place was huge, we left pretty early and there was a shitload of News Crews, there was even a goddamned helicopter hovering the cemetery and let me say they were having funerals there too. I bet the family loved that. We drove through the front gates and drove through the huge beautiful cemetery. i almost wanted some inhalants.

Like me, since Michael went to jesus. i've wrote oodles on it, I've always wanted to make a difference in the world. It's hard when you've been pretty much depressed since birth. So in my lifetime I've always listened to Michael and when you listen to him you feel it. It's been like a member of my family passed away. I saw all the people showing their love.

You could feel all the love, people in some awesome Michael shirt's, you know what i'm saying. The flowers and all that jazz were from all over the globe, they were beautiful. A man placed my art among the other flowers and gifts and creations. It was really surreal and not to mention it was hot and humid and I felt like my head was being crushed!

So I felt like a real ***CENSORED***, i left my camera in the car! ***CENSORED***!

My sis took a picture of a lady with  a real nice accent and all these people were very friendly. We sat down and had a smoke, i busted out my phone and put on dirty diana, it was on the lowest sound but u heard it. Then some bozo came and sat by us talking about meeting Stan Chambers and meeting Chong. It was wierd. I have a bunch of other stuff to say. however see ya

Mi Sister and I went to Forest Lawn and showed our love and respect and then some. I wasn't a fan of the bozos saying, 'Don't congregate' Keep the line moving. So we didn't get to have a moment to bow my head. I also wanted to



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