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En Vogue & More



  • The San Bernardino County Fair 2010 in Victorville, California USA

    Hi Friends I'd like to share this with ya'll! Yesterday, Me & my Crew went to the Fair. The San Bernardino County Fair. EN VOGUE was having a concert. So my sis and I were huge En Vogue fans and that they were gonna be up here we had to see them. Then Earlier this week, I found out that 3 of Michael Jackson's rides from Neverland were going to be there. Ya'll know how much my & crew and I love him.

    So seeing En Vogue and some of Michael's actual posessions was going to Rule!

    When the show started I was in a kind of shock and kinda sad that it wasn't a full house.  They were so huge and popular and I never thought they would be at our lame fair, so it was very surreal,  I told my sis, 'They are from our generation!' It was also the original lineup! The real deal.  Anyhow we were sitting in the bleechers that were to the side of the stage and there was no assholes sitting on that side we went up to the top and kicked it. They were great they sounded awesome, I loved the dance moves and even when one of them said they were glad to perform for us even with the 50 mph winds, cuz it is always windy here.  As they were singing their hits and bringing it to us old school.  Some great memories of my teenage years were brought back and it was cool. They wanted us to raise the roof and You best believe I was getting all up in that ***CENSORED***! I thought to myself, they rule and they are here singing good and doing their thing, imma make sure i show my loyalty as a fan and dance and scream. So today I kept thinking to myself, they weren't a trashy, tacky, nasty, talentless assholes. They had class. They didn't need to open up their legs, cuss, a reality show or anything to be who they are and were. Nowadays, music and the world is in a pretty much state of total shit, talentless trash so called singers with sex tapes, teenyboppers that are just lame. Rarely does anything these days have a message or is talent it's all about money and record sales. Yet En Vogue has sold millions and millions and won awards and then some.

    Last year we saw Bret Michaels at the fair, it was great. Except there was alot of cuntz in the crowd.

    So after that I had BEER! Beer You got Beer? Anyhow, we were walking down the way and i was talking about sonic pressure and seeing all the lights and people and then we saw Michael's swings. Even making it better they were BLASTING Michael Jackson music, (I was wearing my Michael shirt also!) Anyhow, Seeing it was kinda dream like. I always wanted to go to Neverland, We've all seen how beautiful it was and all the rides and it was special. I thought this IS Michael's, I wondered which seat he was in and how much he probably loved it, We even wondered which seat Mac was in. Then I was thinking this should still be at Neverland and Michael should still be alive. I almost lost it, however I maintained. When we got on the swings, holy shit, that was spinning so fast and totally crazy, It was amazing. Next we went on THE SPIDER, it was this big shiny black spider looking attraction, it looked brand new on top of it. I can't explain the spinning motion but it was the shit! It was very fun and I was screaming SONIC PRESSURE! Along with the Michael that was Blasting!!!


    We went on THE ZIPPER! I'm sure alot of people know what that is. My sis and I sat in the cage and the worker slammed it and I felt like I was about to do time. That shit was insane, the pressure really was increased, I was shouting lots of bizarre and obscene things. We almost died, it was the SHIT!

Michael's Swings


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