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Latest news about Material Girl clothing line



Breaking NewsOur community member DarthMadonna is bringing toMadonnaTribers the latest exclusive news about the new Material Girl clothing line campaign by Macy's.

The teaser campaign is called Who's That Girl and will kick off on June 29th to build up interest for the August 3rd launch date. It features a girl with bleached hair and very 80's rocker style leather jacket with a rosary in her hand but never really showing her face.

Macy's stores in San Francisco's Union Square and New York's Herald square will have huge Who's That Girl banners decorating the shops but the actual stock of clothes will be moved in stores just the night befor launching date. The shops are to feature lace wallpaper with chain link fence wall paper, very "Like A Virgin era".

The images being used for the various adverts also feature young women in a very 80's style rocker look and not Madonna herself. Considered names for the handbags areMadonna song titles such as Lucky Star and Angel but it's still unclear if those will be used in the end. The line also features bags, shoes, leggings, leather jackets with fringe, short frilly skirts, graphic tees and bustiers, yes bustiers! Everything has a very 80's look.

Promotion will also be done online with a Facebook page that has already been set up. But the best part of promotion will be a chance to meet Madonna herself. Macys will also be offering US Macy's shoppers in September a chance for a paid trip to New York City and a meeting the Queen Of Pop The line will not debut in all of Macy's 800 stores in the US but only 200/300 stores will be carrying it at first with more to be added depending on the success of the brand.

Thanks to DarthMadonna. Check our forums for updates.


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