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Clothing Line 'material girl'



Material GirlMore than two decades after she released the single "Material Girl", Madonna will reinvent her song title as the name of her new fashion collection set to launch atMacy's this August. 

Madge and her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes (nicknamed Lola) codesigned the "Material Girl" line, so don't expect racy cone-shaped bras to invade Macy's racks. The line will debut with a range of clothes, jewelry, purses and shoes with plans to foray into beauty next year. It aims to capture the latest trends at an affordable price ($12 to $40) and to incorporate Lola's fashion taste. 

"I really like the way Lola dresses, and I think this line is absolutely an extension of her taste," said Madonna in a press statement. 

Today, Macy's released the first three sketches from the "Material Girl" collection. Wanna see?!
Lola might hardly be a teenager but she's displayed a penchant for fashion and counts fashion designer Stella McCartney as a mentor. Alongside her mother at the Nine premiere, Lola appeared on the red carpet in fishnets, a lace tutu miniskirt, a leather jacket, black Doc Martens, layered necklaces, black fingerless gloves, and jade green nail polish. See Lourdes' style evolution in the slideshow. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last March, Madonna said, "We [Lourdes and I] rarely disagree when it comes to clothes, I have to say. That's why most of my closet is being raided on a regular basis." 

Based on the "Material Girl" sketches, the line looks to bring together Madonna's signature styles (think hair bows, lace and studs) with Lourdes' contrasting layered look, similar to the lace tutu and combat boots that she wore to the Nine premiere. 

The celebrity muse for the collection has yet to be revealed, but from the ad below, looks very Taylor Momsen to me. What do you think? To further speculate, the choice of Momsen seems like an especially wise marketing decision if she'll be wearing clothes from the collection on the next season of Gossip Girl.
An additional hint on the celebrity muse's identity? This Madonna quote about the roots of the song "Material Girl" from her Entertainment Tonight: 

"The thing about 'Material Girl' is that it's not meant to be taken literally. If you're a material girl, you're a girl with a sense of humour because it was always meant in an ironic way. A material girl cares about how she looks but it doesn't run her life." 

Look for the "Material Girl" collection in Macy's stores and online at Macys.com this August. And coming soon, check out macys.com/materialgirl for Lola's fashion blog. 

From the Fashion Statement blog at Red Eye Chicago.


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