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Why Post Anything Here Anymore?



I've gotten a lot of feedback from the post I made yesterday about Johann being on a "Rejection Mission"...well, I think we all should reject Icon....I won't be posting anything here anymore. I will only check my PMs and profile every now and again to see if I do have any friends left here who want to contact me....

I'm just over this place and getting tired of all the crap going on around here. Everyone seems to be having stuff rejected....there are plenty of nude pics here that have been here for a long time. Why are they still here.


If here was any rhyme or reason to these rejections, then maybe it would make more sense, but it is just Johann going on some sort of tirade or something. I don't know, but he is totally a rotten moderator and he runs this place when he feels like it. Why Madonna keeps him on here I do not know.

But then I really think Madonna is so far detatched from this place it's not funny. It's quite pathetic she could take her fans for granted so badly. It pisses me off...and maybe I won't be a Madonna fan anymore...at least in this capacity. If this is the way she treats and thinks about her fans (or does not) then why should we be her fans?

I certainly didn't like what she was quoted as saying in Interview, "I think I have a fan club"...WTF was that all about? It was a slap in the face to all of us loyal and dedicated fans.

It totally changed my mindset about her and her fan club. I loved her and I loved her fan club, but no more.

SAY BYE BYE BABY...it works both ways ***CENSORED***




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