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Unbelievable! Amazing! OMG!



I saw a post on Madonnalicious where Johann told an Iconer to call Music Today/Live Nation/Fanifre (which IS located in Virginia and California) (PHONE: 1-434-244-7300) and ask them to send out a litho.....well today I figured I would at least give it a try.

A little backstory: A month or so ago I called them and they were adamant that I was not gonna get one. So I then PM'd Johann and he said he was trying to "get in touch with them" and then I heard nothing and he PM'd me back and said "I'm trying to get in touch with the warehouse"...this crap went on with him for weeks...I just PM'd him back and told him to forget about it. I never believed he was trying to get in touch with anyone....

So today, I called the number I listed above and spoke to a really sweet person in customer service, she got my information and says they are in stock and I will get a litho and card! Mind you, I'm still skeptical, but hopefully I will get one and they seemed to have changed their tune and did say I was eligible to get one......so all you people who have not gotten it yet, there is still hope...I would adivse you to call them and let them know what's' going on.....

If you need a toll free number, it's listed in the CONTACT US part of the STORE.....

One good thing to report...when I get it, I will let you know.

Johann said they were not located in Virginia, when in fact, I talked to someone who is located in Crozet, Virginia--about an hour or so from where I live...I used to go through that little town when I went to uni.....

Good luck everyone....I'd love to see everyone have their litho who is entitled to get one! That's what we paid for right?


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