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I See A Pattern of Rejection Here



Well, I'm just not gonna post stuff here anymore....I'm sick of this inconsistency and being rejected for stuff that people have already posted previously and NOT been rejected.


There are plenty of nude pictures on here, and other stuff that probably should be on here, but yet I get picked on consistently for what I post here. SO screw it all....I'm tired of this place anyway....looks like Icon will turn on you quickly if you speak out. But please don't tell to stop....and please don't pick me out to prove a point.


I didn't get my litho even though Johann said I could....he kept asking for more info, saying he couldn't get in touch with the warehouse, or whatever.....this went on for a month and I PM'd him and told him not to bother if it was that difficult to send someone a litho....or get someone to send it. I didn't realize it was that difficult or such a problem.

If this is the way fans are treated, then this place sucks.......


Here's the PM I got from Johann...yet again....why it was rejected I have no clue. I mean I got it off YOUTUBE....



From: johann
Sent: 4 hours ago
Subject: Icon Madonna video Rejected - "Into The Groove (Demo Movie Version)"


Hello kelmadfan,

Thanks for your submission. We're sorry to say that your video "Into The Groove (Demo Movie Version)" has been rejected.

Give it another try... we're looking forward to your next submission!

(If any of the links don't work, copy and paste them directly into your Web browser (like Internet Explorer or Safari).)

Questions? Contact us at admin@madonna.com

The Icon Madonna team"



See ya....this place is totally inconsistent with what is allowed to be posted and what is not. Why can't they be fair here without ganging up on someone who complains about it? Get a thicker skin.....

Icon sucks.


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