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LITHO FOR ME.....2009 Members



Just talked to Icon's Music Today customer service and they've been bought out by Live Nation. Music Today used to run Icon a while back, when Marcia Del Vecchio died, MT took over.

I had ordered two shirts from Fanfire, which was transferred over to Music Today, and although my original order for the two shirts was in November 2009, I finally got the shirts....albeit one color was not available. But at least I got them, finally!

Then I asked about the Icon lithograph. They could find my username, but no evidence I was ever a member here. I told them I was a member from about 1992 until 2006, then a member from 2008-February 2010. That showed that I had been a member up until February, but they didn't have any record of it....confusing I know. I kept asking them how can they have my name in there yet not show me as a former member. Made no sense.

I called again and was given the same information. They told me I would have to provide proof that I was a member, and how could I do that if I didn't join under Music Today? Made no sense.

Then they came up with the same excuse when Clique/WB took over in October 2005, from Music Today. Since it's a new company they are not obligated to give me the litho, and to rejoin in order to get it.

I told them I was not about to rejoin to get something that was promised to 2009 members. They would not budge and I told them I would never rejoin because I felt I got ripped off.

I did thank them for the shirt, but would not be ordering anything from them either because of the screw ups with that order. I had ordered a black and white shirt, but ended up with 2 black ones.....which is fine. I'm just glad I got them. Get 'em while you can.

But if you were a member like me, in 2009, and are not a member now, you will probably not get the lithograph......sucks, doesn't it?

I sure think so.


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