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5 Reasons Jesus Luz Is Good For Madonna



5 Reasons Jesus Luz Is Good For Madonna

Madonna has a lot more in common with Jesus Luz than you might think

She's more than twice his age, but the relationship between the Brazilian model and Madonna might be more about common ground and less about a cougar pairing up with an exotic, money-hungry boy toy (c'mon, you know you thought it). Perhaps this coupling is a good thing, unlike some other celeb hook-ups we might mention. 5 Celeb Couples We Wish We Could Forget

Wondering what, exactly, these two can connect over? Us, too, but after reading a great interview we had a few insights.

1) He's spiritual
When asked about his newfound fame, Luz, who grew up in a very religious family, said, "Many times I asked God why he has given me so much. Maybe because of something I'm going to do, something I did in a past life, I don't know." A strong sense of faith is important to Madonna, who is very involved in studying Kabbalah. While their traditions and rituals might differ, a shared belief in the idea of spirituality could create a strong bond.
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2) He's ambitious, but humble
We don't think he's
dating Madonna for her money because Luz doesn't seem the type to be content as a kept man."People see me as someone who knows how to take advantage of the opportunities of life," he said. Madonna, who moved from Michigan to New York at 19 to pursue dance and was signed to a record label by 25, is clearly very driven, too. While both of them are motivated, Jesus is very careful to stay modest. He told The Daily Beast, "It would be really easy, with all this attention, to think I was better than someone else, so it's really good that my friends say, 'Dude, you are still a cool guy.' I'm still the same person." Though we love her, we must admit that Madge has a reputation for being a bit of a diva, so perhaps Luz's more humble outlook will help her stay grounded. If not, at least their union won't be one huge battle of ego.

3) He's musically talented
Besides modeling, the 23-year-old has some serious skills with the turntables. He's certainly impressed veteran DJ Paul Oakenfold when the two met last year. According to Oakenfold, "He's got the right attitude, the right personality, he's got a good taste in music." Although Madonna is multi-talented—she's an author, dancer, actress, record producer, and film director among other things—she's best known for her work as a singer. Clearly, a common love of music is a strong tie for these two.

4) He's not freaked out by the age gap
While the rest of the world might be shocked, concerned, or even flat-out disgusted by the age difference between the paramours, Luz doesn't have a problem with it. In fact, he seems to have a penchant for older women "It's difficult to meet a young girl who has a mature head. So I dated older women. With more maturity." By now, of course, he must know that maturity isn't the only benefit to dating a cougar.
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5) He's hot
There's simply no denying this. While it's not advisable to have a relationship based only on
sex, physical attraction is a big part of any romantic relationship. He's sexy, and so is she.  If they're attracted to each other and they have things to keep them together outside the bedroom, then we don't see any reason why they shouldn't be together.

What do you think: Will Madonna and Jesus Luz go the distance?


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