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I love my sister! :D



Because of her, she's the reason I became a Madonna fan! She was listening to the Immaculate Collection alot and I kept hearing certain songs being played over & over Rescue me was one of my faves I listened to so much! Vogue was my first favorite song from M! I used to sneak in her when she wasn't home and listen to some of her Madonna albums she has hehe
She basically has them all except her first album & I'm Breathless lol
She saw DWT which I was insanely jelous but was happy to watch it on tv at least on HBO with my mom :D lol
I would love to one day see M on tour with my sister that would I think leave us both with pure joy! and because we got to be front row bitchies hahaaha :D
Even through all the shit she's done to me since I was 1! that's right! all the practical jokes, the teasing and pranks & how many times she's pissed me off I'll still always love my sister no matter what! :D <3


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