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Madonna's on tv again yayyyyyyyy! The Marriage Ref!!!!



I didn't know wtf the Marriage Ref was! I thought it was some cheesy sitcom that probly wouldnt last a week! But seeing that there are gonna be celebs coming on it's sooooo exciting! especially with Madonna coming on! Great choices with some of the celebs that have been on since it aired on Sunday! I love Kelly Ripa she cracks me up! Kinda reminds me of that great show that used to be on Mtv back in the day when the 90's rocked, Loveline, I loved that show! it kinda reminds me of that! I'm soooo excited for next Thursday to see M do her thing! The preview looks really good! I love how M it looked she was putting Ricky and David in their places "You're not on the panel" oooooh man this is gonna be awesome! Can't wait!!!! :D ;D :D


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