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it's july 31, 2010, it's so tainted, i just think about 2019. I can't wait, This is It came on
dvd on tuesday, me mum picked it up for me. she is awesome. i was'nt able to take my
mum to see it on the bigscreen. however, i made a whole blog jazz about my crew and i
going to see This is It special preview, the day that jenny lo got to see it! We were all
up in that *itch. I was sporting a really bomb Michael shirt and my whole crew, me
sista and 'friend' and her children, we all looked really off the chain, bruce, 9, and
emma ,11, had their special gear on with honoring the one and only michael jackson!
For emma's birthday i took her to see madonna in vegas for the sticky and sweet tour, and my sis. Anyhow, you feel me, so it was amazing, while we were on the way i felt like was going to see him in concert,
but how emotional it was be, there was this energy, we all sat in the third row smack down in the center, nobody was in front, it was the bomb, when he did earthsong and spoke of the planet, i was glad i brought my spongebob rag cuz i couldn't help but crying my eyes out.
Oh Hell no, i hope the grammys get Raped, if that offended you, i don't apologize.
i'm watching this bullshit with my mom and i'm ready to vomit, not even a mention of the king and it should have been dedicated and showing true talent. In the same arena where Michael was going to do things that have never been done, where it was the biggest LED screen ever, a scale size bulldozer, and so much more, and with a message to do good things and save our planet which is dying and things that I would call Saintly, instead we see stacy ferguson who has been trying to be big since kids incorporated and all those other jokes she tried to be in, and she is being censored for cussing. The staples center where Michael danced one last time, June 24, which happened to be my birthday and they have the nerve not to mention that a man who has prisoners and millions of people trying to dance like him and it is'nt even mentioned, well i guess i have to wait till the end. Remember how i said, when at the mtv awards where Michael defined videos and created Short Films. The first thing that happened was Madonna walking out and giving Michael Jackson thanks to his musical and more contributions to the world. That's right. Madonna Rulz and Michael Jackson Rock and Roll Hall of Famers to boot, are the real deal.
i apolgize for something though, this letter i'm typing is really hard to follow cuz i jump from one thing to the next, i guess it's as this show progresses the more ill i feel. Michael made the world a better place and was committed to it.beyonce a standing ovation, a thank you to Michael should have been mentioned she did have a great group where her father kicked out members of the group who had been in since childhood outstanding performance by the crystal meth selling pink. 50 sold out shows, with thousands in cue to get tickets. i'm just appalled, this is astounding to me. Then the nobodies with unoriginal songs but hey taylor swift wrote every song on her album, carrie underwood, all this american idol crap, i guess have talent, that has paula abdul judging people where a fan who she ragged on to kill herself and where humiliating people is the goal. i watched This is It yesterday with my best friend and we were in tears, Michael being gone has been a tragedy for the world. It is a joke that this razzys or grammys have the audacity to put on this bs. when i was in second grade, we are the world was where i had to make a difference. i also donated to the Haiti children and it left me with a whopping 2.19 since balance in my account was irrelevant.
On 4th of july i registered to attend Michael's memorial where Mooriah butchered a
song the young King touched millions. So all 8 of my email addresses didn't get chose. I went to Madonna.com and saw that Madonna dedicated her show to him and this was days after he had passed away. She was showing love and support and honor and dedicated Give it 2 Me to the King of Pop, came out and gave a beautiful dedication and told it like it is. Another amazing talented artist showing what another fellow human and artist gave to humanity.
So these bs awards have been on 50 minutes and still no mention other than the announcer saying coming up next his name. Not a word of grammy winner Madonna who just completed her record breaking tour. The highest grossing tour of a solo artist. EVER, who also was going through sadness herself. To keep going on while going through a divorce, whom also dedicated a beautiful tribute for her encore. Not a mention of Madonna or Michael Jackson.
oh please.
so thats why i hope the grammy's get raped in the ass. i do apologize that is not something nice to say and michael would probably be appalled by that remark.In my 32 years, i've learned that the world doesn't think like i did that people and the system were all good and not corrupt. that i've spiraled and soul searched that maybe i have to learn how to forgive, but than i think that is why jesus christ was a savior who saved our souls from the lake of fire and brimstone, so maybe that is something i should learn to do. Then i think that is why Jesus is another king, and i say that is why i'm just me cuz Jesus forgives and i'm too pissed off. Forgiveness is a key to the answer and to ask Jesus for help, I know he will forgive all the people that deserve to go in old sparky.i'm watching this bullshit with my mom and i'm ready to vomit, not even a mention of the king and it should have been dedicated and showing true talent. pink a legend, i don't think so, a tweeker and a bd. without a doubt, beyonce? who called tina turner the queen of soul. opening with lady gaga. imma bout to blow chunks.Not only did our queen be recognized and finally awarded with the masterpiece Ray Of Light.
The grammy's lowercase, where the final rehearsal was performed, I was disgusted that it opened without even mentioning the 13 time Grammy winner the King of Pop. we get to hear about the other legendary performers like lady gaga an...d her 5 grammy not to mention having the first single ever to debut at #1. The Guiness book of how many charities he was involved.This bozo who is the mc or whatever host, i don't know who he is to boot, he mentions pink, taylor swift, and other talentless trash. this host also joked about Glee the show that made jokes of susan smith who drown her children and said it was a black man who did it.
This is just sad. If there was no michael these people wouldn't exist, the grammys would'nt be known as the highest honor. He is and will always be the King of Pop. A king for humanity.
Long Live the King!
Ok, i'm done, it must be the sonic pressure!


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