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So today it has been raining and cold all day. I watched the Little People Big World marathon. I love that show. I support the LP comunity.

Anyhow, last night I made a donation to help the people in Haiti, I felt like it was my duty. I remember being in second grade and We are the World was the anthem for USA for Africa. My teacher Mrs. Lowery, I loved her, i remember her playing it and seeing a film in the auditorium about all the starvation and horrible things. I remember how I loved Michael Jackson my whole life just about and I remember bringing money to school because I wanted to help. It wasn't that much but seeing people in pain and more made me feel terrible. Ever since then I've always donated to good causes. When Michael passed away I started to think about the impact he had on my life. I wanted to help people and Michael had alot to do with it. I'm sure some of you feel me. I know if Michael was still alive he would help in any way he could. When I read today that 200,000 people have died and I read today about all the animals that need help too. I am a huge animal lover and when I read about all these poor people and families I had a emotional meltdown. It is another horrible tragedy, in our life time. September 22, the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and now Haiti.

In 2008 I lost my uncle, my grandpa (he was 93), my baby nephew, I was there when he was taken off life support it was the worst experience of my life. When I left the hospital I remember blasting Hard Candy my way home. Then in November my cat White Eye who was 18 years old passed away. He was a persian and beautiful, he was the only kitten his mother had (Cookie) he was born at our house and he was part of the family. It was so sad I can't explain it. I had two dogs pass away also, Ole Boy and Samantha. I remember saying to myself that if anything else I loved died I was going to go catatonic.

Then on June 25, the day after my birthday, Michael Jackson one of my idols had passed away, Also was Farrah Fawcett and just recently Brittany Murphy. One of my dogs Jack passed away this summer too. I hate death it  ***CENSORED*** sucks.

I am so tired of all the pain and suffering in the world, we need a celebration. So that is just another reason why I've been blasting Celebration, it can make you stop crying and wanna dance. also the message just makes you feel good.

Well I guess I'm just thinking and typing my mind out.

'There is so much destruction what I want is a celebration'




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