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Aaron Darc



What makes a perfect remix ? It's gotta have a soul. A Madonna remix has to arouse. An Australian named Aaron Darc does just that. Aaron Darc's remixes have soul and spark that certain emotion that makes you want more. Have a listen to his remastered version of "Time Stood Still (Aaron Darc Remix)":

Time Stood Still (Aaron Darc Remix) Remastered by madonnaradio

The first song I heard remixed by Aaron Darc was "Dance 2night". i remember where i was when i heard it, i was updating madonna radio and listening to remixes to be played. i was also posting in madonnalicious' community. i heard his version and it was like no version i had heard before, he raised the bar for Madonna's "Dance 2night". i raved about it in licious, most of the people loved it as much as i. i had to find this remix artist, the quality of Dance 2night, as well as the timing (no one else was really remixing this track) was perfect. A new sound, too. Very unique and familiar, at the same time.

Dance 2Night (Aaron Darc Remix) Remastered by madonnaradio

at the time, the left side of the .com's main page had links to dedicated remix artist pages within madonna radio, carefully selected remix artists who had full collections, spanning years of edits, remixes and remastered songs. at the time, i wasn't able to find another song by him. I wrote his name at the top of the list of Madonna Radio links, alphabetical order, and didn't create a dedicated page for his music. i asked friends about him, who was this person, is it just one person or a group of collaborators? i found him through facebook and he sent more of his creations, total of 5. i introduced him to a few remixers that i respect, through facebook. i consider his remixes gemstones. in october of 2009, he polished these gems and released a remastered pack of 6 remixes which included his newest remix, a "Celebration (Aaron Darc Remix)". he instructed me to replace all of his previous versions with the remastered versions, i said i would, of course, i didn't do this right away (i was enjoying his version of Celebration) and he asked again (same day), and with a smile i replaced these in the main player then published each remix in every social platform i had access. i showered Madonna's fans with his creations. people love his work.

Celebration (Aaron Darc Remix) by madonnaradio

why hadn't i dedicated a page to his art, with all of these emotion? because of quantity, (can you believe it?) it's totally shameful being that i listen for quality. sometimes i get so busy spreading music creations, getting them out there, linking credits due... and into people's ears... 6 remixes. They are very like-able indeed. Well, it's day two in twenty-ten and what better time to dedicate than now? First thing first, an image background that reflects his remixes. something dark and mischievous. I look to "My Madonna Art" first. I think this piece that luka created is great, the size is odd for a background.

My Madonna Art (Objavio/la Luka Ukropina u)

After consideration, i selected an appropriate image and generated http://www.madonnaradio.com/aarondarc/ with the following songs;

Madonna Like A Virgin (Aaron Darc Remix)

Madonna Give It 2 Me (Aaron Darc Remix)

Madonna Time Stood Still (Aaron Darc Remix)

Madonna Miles Away (Aaron Darc Remix)

Madonna Dance 2Night (Aaron Darc Remix)

Madonna Celebration (Aaron Darc Remix) (Exclusive)

This is what it looks like (click to visit):

Aaron Darc's page in Madonna Radio


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