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Day 1, Twenty-Ten



New remixes uploaded to iTunes (iLike) and Soundcloud. iLike/iTunes charges $400.00 (set-up, etc.) and Soundcloud charges €9.00 a month. When uploading to these sites, the updates publish to myspace, blogger & twitter. In order for remixes to appear in the main feed for facebook, i edit the blog posts and import using a facebook application. a little while later, the remixes show up in facebook’s news feed. timing is challenging for facebook. After selecting a few remixes for these sites, i weave these and more remixes into Madonna Radio (dot com). This process is a few hours and sometimes spans a couple of days, depending on how busy i am. I do my best to keep all of the associated comments and descriptions that the remix artists embed into the songs. Sometimes, the comments are stripped. In that case, i include a URL in the comment section and give the song a relevant cover image.

Remixes selected for the above sites are as follows:
Bedtime Story (Victor Calderone Mix)
Dress you up (Feat. Drake – Hi-Def Remix)
Into the Groove (Get into my Heart – Remix 2.0)
Mother & Father (Johnny Rocks Club Full Mix)
Revolver (Dubtronic Dies Happy Remix)
Revolver (Tracy Young’s ‘Shoot To Kill’ Remix)

side note: Pimping wordpress is like a whole new world. All websites that i’ve created are hosted on servers and i hand make/type the details. with wordpress, it’s done by widgets. typing in lowercase is by choice. why didn’t Madonna tell us Happy New Year ?
http://madonnaremixes.com for the iTunes/iLike songs

from http://madonnaradio.wordpress.com


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