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Introduction to Madonna Radio



Wrote this on December 25th, 2009 then again on December 27th, 2009 (my birthday) and published on New Year's Eve for 2010.

Voila + Madonna = Madonna Radio


Firstly i’d like to tell you that www.MadonnaRadio.com is dedicated to Madonna and her fans, playing Madonna’s music, live performances and interviews. The remixes are currently the main focus on Madonna Radio and all of the associated social networking sites. This blog is personal thoughts and experiences journal while producing the sites during the year of 2010. I’m excited to share this experience. I consider this “The People’s Madonna Station” and i’m here to give a face to this project so that you understand, though joyful and rewarding, i’m not a machine, this is challenging, time consuming, demanding and is somewhat expensive, much like a balanced performance (totally worth it, it’s my bliss). Directing the music selections on Sirius XM Satellite Radio is the next step.

This project is pure passion and, already a dream come true. Not only do I listen to each and every piece before it is live and playing for you, finding the right balance of genre is challenging.  Relying on the listeners is the most important part, your feedback posted in Facebook (and Twitter) is the most important.

The launch of Madonna Radio has many credits. My name is David Voila and I began this project in February 2005. Humberto, who lives in Venezuela and runs Madonna-Latina.com designed the Avatar in 2008, based on Tom Munro’s photo from the Give It 2 Me video. The Logo for Madonna Radio was created by Dens54 and he remixes music in France, producing Dens54.com, Dens54 is a featured remix artist within the suite of sites associated with Madonna Radio. Ben, who lives in France and runs Madonna Downloaded, and Zack who lives in France and runs Absolument Madonna, are two people who indirectly influence the content within the site. Claire, who lives in the UK and runs Madonnalicious, helped give me wings to launch the site and her community helps direct the site’s music choices. Anthony, who lives in France and runs Madonna-ConneXion, helped give me wings for Madonna Radio during it’s conception phase during Madonna Confessions Tour, we met in Paris. Madonna Radio is what it is today because of these people as well as the 200,000 + listeners, many of whom interact within Facebook.com/MadonnaRadio.

Madonna is the most inspiring woman and it’s like she’s with me, every step of the way on this journey, both in regards to this project and in my every day life. She helps me to help my self and, ultimately, help other people… utilize her art and actions. Her truth rings true in my heart and in the millions of people’s lives that she has touched. Madonna gave me purpose, since i was a little kid, listening to Lucky Star on my cassette tape in my bedroom believing she was singing to me.
When I feel inspired, I listen to her music and dream a little brighter. When I feel down, i watch her interviews and lift my spirits. When I feel my daily happy self, I watch her concerts and dance along.

To say the least, I feel privileged to produce Madonna Radio and collaborate with the many people who give input into what makes this site into a dream for many. Dreams come true and you’re a piece of this history.
Thanks for reading, the daily posts, in this blog, are a journey journal for inspirational reading.
Dreams come true.


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Bedtime Story (Victor Calderone Mix)


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