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Strike a pose - there is NOTHING to it!



I am so happy. I didn't know that I love posing for the camera (almost) as much as Madonna does. One guy in my old school is making a project with me about my addiction. He is trying to capture the Madonna fanaticism into camera and make some 20 photographs. I was little surprised he choose to make this project of ME. This sort of project is only allowed to the students who are on their last year in high school. The project/diploma is very useful for those who try to get to study e.g. photographing, media, art or filming, because it can give some extra points in the matriculation.

I don't know if the guy knows how flattered I am about him choosing this theme. I couldn't think of some BOY willing to shoot this kind of thing, because not many boys like Madonna. On the whole, I felt surprised that someone is interested in the addiction theme. There are many other things people can be addicted to. Let's take drugs. My drug is healthy, exciting and inspiring.

I was little insecure about the project at first, because I would not definitely want to co-operate with some half-motivated high school student. If it is about Madonna, you have to be 100% in. I felt so excited when the guy encouraged me to "release my inner Madonna". I felt natural and happy when someone was shooting me. Should I think about this when choosing a profession? I was chosen to study culture producing. I won't be exactly making culture: movies, music or paintings. I will arrange festivals, exhibitions and social events. I am not becoming the main attraction, I will be the person who made it possible. I am not certain if I am doing the right thing, but we'll see what happens.

I will show some pictures when the photographs are ready. I think it sounds difficult to film addiction in still pictures. I thought it would be easier to describe fanaticism in movie form ("moving picture" as we say), but this is an interesting experience. I will just have to wait for the result, because this is not my project - I am just a muse or model, whatsoever.


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