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When I sing I feel free!



I had to put the Celebration video shooting aside as I realised that I can actually record some Madonna covers on my iMac. I have some instrumental versions. I guess my neighbors will blackmail me when they get tired with my singing sessions... I have to admit that I didn't sound as cool as I had thought with the rap part of American Life. I had always thought that it would be just my thing, but I didn't sound convincing. Is it because I don't have "three nannies, an assistant, a driver and a jet, a trainer and a butler, a bodyguard or five" as the song goes?

I make covers only on the original songs, I don't accept karaoke versions or such, because it would sound too naive. I wish I could put my covers on the internet (http://drownedworld.skyrock.com), but I guess I don't have the right to publish them. I'll just have to burn a few copies to friends.

I got the Celebration cd + dvd from Amazon! Yesterday I also received the Sticky & Sweet tour book 2009 and official calendar (2009)!

Something funny happened on the day the Celebration cd was published in Finland! I went to the department store called Stockmann and if you bought the cd from that place you had also got the Celebration poster. As I had ordered my copy from Amazon, I didn't want to buy it from Stockmann to just get the poster. I gave the salesman a self-confident gaze and opened my mouth. After discussing for 5min about why should I get the poster for free and without buying the cd, he gave the poster to me saying "let's keep it secret". I was so happy. The salesman made my day. Not only because he gave the poster, but he also promised to give the Celebration t-shirt he was wearing. Unbelievable!

There is a Madonna competition on the tv channel MTV3 where you can win a Celebration (special edition) and all Madonna albums, dvd's etc. The special edition is not available on any store all over the world. It is only available on competitions/special cases. Anyway, I took part to the competition and won the Celebration album (no matter I have it already!). We'll see if I win also the special one and all the other albums, books and dvd's (that I have already). Funny! Just can't wait!

(You can find my thoughts about M on my blog in http://madonna-addicted.blogspot.com/)

The Celebration poster



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