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Madonna would be surprisingly good for you.



I have never really been into Evita. I have watched the movie for twice, but it has never impressed me even though people speak about its grandeur. I think it's Madonna's best movie and her singing voice is soft and clean, but the film doesn't touch me that much. Nevertheless, yesterday I was listening to Madonna Goom radio on the internet (I discovered the radio for one week ago - it's like made for me!) and they played I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You from Evita soundtrack. I had to stop all I was doing and listen to it carefully. Her singing talent has increased a lot during Evita. That is the time she was constantly taking singing lessons. If you compare Erotica and Ray Of Light by her voice's aspect, you know perhaps what I'm talking about. I love I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You, You Must Love Me and Lament. I mean, on this week I will be listening to Evita more than ever. Madonna surprises me all the time. I discover herself more and more...

People ask me that am I ever getting tired with listening to her music. Usually those people haven't even seen the cover of Bedtime Stories or Erotica album and aren't at all aware of how much music Madonna has recorded... Her music has sold over 200 million copies worldwide. Madonna's music varies album after another: there are sounds for all kinds of feelings: provocative, soft, horny, disco, religious,happy, mysterious, encouraging, teaching... There have been times when I have stopped listening to Madonna for a while. Those moments have taken place usually when I have figured out a new artist such as Lady GaGa or Duffy.

I love making videos on iMac. I got quite enthusiastic with Madonna's Celebration video with all the fans dancing and dressed as M. I love the way M fans get enhustiasted when something like this happens (a new M competition, music video and so on). In Celebration video there is a fan licking a picture of Madonna, a fan carrying a huge cross and "even" men dressed as Madonna. I still haven't found any straight M superfan... Anyway, I really like the video, because of the atmosphere. Those fans are so crazy for her. I want to make a similar video. I'm planning how I should realise it.

Why the most Madonna's male fans are gay? I think it is simply because she is so strong and has more guts than many other artist/woman. She is also very feminine and attractive, but then again, at the same time, masculine. I listened a radio interview on this topic that was recorded on 2008 in San Francisco. Madonna made a conclusion: "if they can't have me, they don't want any woman. No man can have sex with anyone but me... and since I don't have that kind of time in my hands... well they are all gay".

(you can also find these blog posts form my real blog http://madonna-addicted.blogspot.com)

Her life should be illegal!



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